NS7P Triple Shack Sloth!

Congratulations to Phil, NS7P for achieving TRIPLE SUPER SLOTH status!
Great job!
73, Walt NE4TN

The heading should read Triple Super Sloth!

In reply to NE4TN:
Nice Work Phil. You always have a Great signal when I hear you chasing. Where do you find the time??? All the best 72 de Scotty

You have chased a very high percentage of our activations and we thank you for that.
Merle and Herm

In reply to NE4TN:
Great achievement… congratulations Phil.


In reply to NE4TN:
Super job of chasing Phil. Many hours spent in the shack but all of them enjoyable I’m sure. Keep up the chasing. 40K points is possible yet this year. :slight_smile:

Gary A. - W0MNA

Quite an accomplishment Phil. Congrats, well done. Thanks for 355 Qs from 334/398 activations, 200/221 uniques. Thanks for always being there.

73, Dan NA6MG

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Congratulations!! It is always great to hear your call among the chasers.
Martha W0ERI

In reply to NE4TN:
Congrats Phil! Always nice to hear your “Hi Mike” on my weekend mornings chasing from my shack!


Wow… Congrats Phil! de KW3F

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Congratulations Phil, incredible accomplishment. You are always there to help me activate and it is truly appreciated. It was an honor to be the activator to put you over the top.


In reply to N0OI:

Thank you to all of you. I hit the 30k milestone just a few days short of my 3 year SOTA anniversary date. It has been a very fun hobby. It has to be to merit the countless hours sitting at the rig. Hi hi.

Thanks especially to the great activators who make it all happen. Thanks also to the other chasers who are fun to be on frequency with. Everybody is great. Whenever I wade into a DX pileup, it doesn’t take long to be appalled. That doesn’t happen with the fantastic set of people in SOTA.

I’m still going to be a regular chaser, but expect to hear me activating more going forward. Thanks again.

Phil, NS7P

In reply to NS7P:
Congrats on becoming a SUPER, SUPER shack sloth…Always great putting you in my log…when activating…Seems as the though an activation is missing something when you’re not around.

Keep up the great work and see you the pile-ups.


In reply to WA2USA:
Congratulations Phil - I agree with Dennis, it’s a bad day activating when I DON’T hear you! Thanks for chasing and spotting - SOTA 73 until next time…


In reply to NS7P:
Well done Phil. Always a pleasure to have you give a shout out when I’m on a peak. Hope to meet up with you sometime soon.