NS7P in Hospital-out soon

For those that have missed the regular chasing of Phil-NS7P, he’s dealing with some vertigo and hopes to be back on the air perhaps next week. No radios allowed in hospital, sadly.

We send thoughts and good wishes from NH, Phil.

Get well Phil…all the very best…

Thanks for letting us know Etienne - It’s difficult to consider an activation valid without NS7P in the log! Get well quickly Phil

73 Rick WB0USI

Get well, Phil.
Martha W0ERI

Hope you get back in front of the radio ASAP. You are my #1 chaser! Ha

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Phil!

Thanks to all of the good wishes. I am back home now, but far from 100%. The neurologist thinks that the vertigo type symptoms were due either to a small stroke or a severe reaction to a medication. Either way, I should be back to normal within about a week. I’m looking forward to being back in the saddle again. Thanks again.

73, Phil, NS7P

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All the best Phil. Get well soon.
Marc, W4MPS

Continue to feel better Phil!

73, Barry N1EU

Wish you a speedy recovery…


Phil …the goats Boo & Peanut send you speedy recovery wishes …so you can get Ba…Ba…Back to it soon! Steve/&Goats

Phil, hope you have a fast recovery, and can get back to your normal activities soon!


Get well Phil, pileups are missing something:-) I had vertigo once, come on suddenly and went away suddenly, lasted a few weeks. Never knew the cause. Hope to hear your soon.


Mike AD5A