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NS7P 100K Chaser Points


You always have a great signal.

Knew you were very close on Saturday. Nice work on your 100K! The rest ;of us have a long time to go to achieve what you have Phil. All the best to you. 73 de Scotty KG3W

Congrats Phil, always a pleasure to talk to you S2S and when you are on the chase!!

Huge congrats Phil and many thanks for all the chases. Looking forward to many more in the future!


Congrats Phil on an achievement of dedication.

All the very best OM,


Congratulations Phil on an impressive achievement!

Gary K3TCU

Congratulations, Phil, on a great accomplishment. You are in my log 62 times and in Liz’s 27 times. Thanks for all the contacts.

Ron and Liz

Awesome job, Phil! Thanks for all the calls–I love the rhythm of hearing your callsign.

Mike AC0PR


Congrats Phil! That’s a lot of chasing work and combined with your activating it is an amazing achievement in the SOTA world! You signal is always loud and so glad when you call in! 73 Jim/K7MK

Quite an accomplishment Phil. I’m still working on 10K. :slight_smile: Thanks for all the contacts over the years.


Mike - ke5akl

Phil, I just saw this. Way to go. A great accomplishment! Scott kw4jm

Congratulations Phil on 100K chaser points. You are my #1 activation chaser with 132 entries in the log. Even more amazing is that you achieved Mountain Goat along the way in 1-2-4 pt plentiful & 6-8-10 pt sparse Oregon. On top of that, you have had to carry the additional burden of health issues to the top of many summits. Tip of the hat to you NS7P.
73 Rich N4EX

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Tnx fer 115 Q’s Phil!
Hold vourself upright!

Great job Phil! Congratulations on a very impressive achievement - in addition to being a Goat too! Awesome! In addition to the numbers you’ve put up, your operating style is very professional - a good example for others.

Randy, ND0C

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Congrats that is a truly huge number of points!

Thanks for chasing me on summits around the mid-west!

John N0EVH

Congratulations! I am glad I was able contribute a few of those points. Thanks for chasing me! I believe you are currently my number two chaser.

73, Steve W6SAE

Thank you all so very much. I love SOTA and the great folks who are part of this group. I appreciate the recognition, and all of the help I have gotten along my journey. I hope to keep going and enriching my life through SOTA.
73, Phil, NS7P



You are one of the best! Often you’re calling me before the rest of the chasers have realized I’m on. Not only do you have a great signal into Colorado, but your ears often pull me out when conditions are poor.

Of course I treasure our S2S contacts and chasing you from home. I hope you continue activating and visiting peaks seldom visited.



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Coingrats from NH.
Merle & Herm