NS7P 100K Chaser Points

Phil - NS7P just went over the 100K Chaser Point level on Field Day Weekend. Outstanding job Phil and congratulations on this very significant milestone. It takes a lot of time and effort to work this many activators and now you are number 4 in the USA to hit and pass the 100K mark. Keep up the good work.
Gary A. - W0MNA


Congratulations Phil :+1: You are very often in my log when i activate.

73 :wink:

Congratulations on this milestone achievement Phil, well done. Nearly 800 activation Qs logged with you.

BIG CONGRATS, PHIL! Heard you thanking the activator who put you over the top!
All best, Ken

A congrats Phil. I have you chasing me 15 times in just over a year.


Thanks for being there Phil. You’re my #1 chaser.

Congrats on your tremendous achievement, Phil.
Bill, K0MP

Congratulations, Phil! Thanks for the contacts, especially the S2S QSOs. For a while, it seemed like every time I activated, I heard you calling for a summit to summit!

Peter KD0YOB

Great job Phil, a milestone to be proud of. Thanks for all your chaser points on activations.
73 GL
Bill WB0KIU.

Congratulations, Phil, and thanks for the nearly 100 contacts to date in my log! It’s always a pleasure to work you!

Paul K9PM

Congratulations, Phil, and thanks for the nearly 100 contacts to date in my log! It’s always a pleasure to work you!

Paul K9PM

Always a strong signal when I hear you Phil! Congratulations! And, thanks again for helping me out with finding a good summit to play on when I was in Oregon.

Keith KR7RK

This is definitely an impressive milestone in of itself but you also put the time in to reach MG along the way. Wow!!

Thanks Phil for being such a wonderfully reliable chaser as you have chased me on most all my US activations.

Paul M/W6PNG

Congratulations Phil on achieving 100K chaser points.

Jimmy M(U)0HGY

Many thanks for all the chases. You have been in my log frequently as a reliable, strong, and easy to copy signal. I am QRS CW and your willingness to send at my speed has been a tremendous help!

Congratulations, Phil !
I hope to reach 100k as well. (in 2023!) :wink:

100k chaser is a lot of contacts! And a Mountain Goat activator too! glad you are enjoying SOTA.
Congratulations Phil and thanks for the contacts.
Bob AC1Z

Well done Phil! You’re an amazing chaser and activator to boot. Thanks for being there for all of us activators. Keep up the great work my friend!

73, Brad

Hi Phil,

Congrats on the 100K milestone and also the previous Mtn Goat achievement. After chasing you for several years, I have you in my log 235 times. Heard you many times working the JA’s that I could not hear. Keep on truckin’.

73/Tommy W7RV

Definitely a great accomplishment Phil. Now onto the next 100K

73 Tom NQ7r