NP in his sights

Congratulations to Richard G3CWI who has completed the G/NP region as an activator for the third time this morning. I think Richard was the first to complete NP some time ago, but they keep deleting summits and adding new ones, so he has had to “recomplete” twice now!

Mind you, we were supposed to be doing this one together, when it would also be mine and Jimmy’s NP completion. It was even my turn to drive, but that’s competitiveness for you!


Congratulations Richard. 'SOTA is non-competitive’

73, Frank

In reply to G3RMD:

Talking of NP summits, what’s the ascent of Cold Fell like? Easy/hard? Wet/dry? Nightmare etc.? What’s the take off like for VHF? How easy it to successfully activate using simple VHF antennas?

I’m looking for something reasonably straightforward to do next time I’m driving down the M6 to the Blackpool Rally. I did Cross Fell last time and Cold Fell looks to be not too far from the motorway and not too much of a climb.

Suggestions and comments please. Also congrats. to Richard for your 3rd completion.


Hi Andy,

Cold Fell G/NP-020 was a straightforward afternoon’s work for Jimmy, Liam and I, so it should be reasonably rapid for most walkers.

I would say it’s a “medium-length” walk - not short, not long. The route is pleasant and views are OK. There is a very substantial stone shelter at the summit.

Jimmy and I activated on 2m FM with the SOTA Beam, no problems. Have a look on our activation logs for where our signals landed.

Webpage for the activation report, route and photos here:

73, Tom M1EYP

In reply to MM0FMF:


I find Tom’s reports quite enlightening, as indeed I told him on Sunday when we met. I think activating summits with youngsters in tow certainly sharpens his attention to detail (or does he just keep asking Jimmy for his recollections?).

With regards to the suitability of a summit for VHF operation, I find the band stats on the summit page a useful guide. Cross Fell - 192 QSOs on these bands: 60m 38 20% / 40m 14 7% / 20m 9 5% / 10m 1 1% / 2m 130 68%. Looking at the list of who has activated a summit and their MO is also useful. It helps put the QSO information into perspective.

I’m similarly considering raiding the northern NP’s from the north when we stay in Northumberland, but will have to leave something to activate up there with Paul G4MD on our joint activations.

73, Gerald

Thanks all. It was an enjoyable day if a little cold at times (especially on Sharp Haw). Plenty of snow.

Breakfasted at Morrison’s in Skipton as suggested before by someone here. It was fine but early activators should note that they don’t open until 8am.



We have a certain 16 year old in a bad temper at this QTH because you shattered his plan for THREE radio amateurs to complete the NP region TOGETHER…

Tut tut.


In reply to M1EYP:

Yes I was sorely torn between congratulating Richard on his third completion and offering you condolences Tom for the loss of the joint activation. The pendulum has now swung hard over in your favour.

Oh Richard, HOW COULD YOU?


In reply to G4OIG:

Thanks for the nice comments about my website Gerald. I was rather chuffed on Sunday to learn that you use my site as one of your research tools for new summits.

or does he just keep asking Jimmy for his recollections…

Many a true word… That’s just about it. I do that very thing. And when I don’t, he proof-reads my new pages and immediately reports any inaccuracies or omissions. It’s quite useful having an “ally” in the house who is as obsessed by SOTA as I am!

Jimmy M3EYP has just started to formulate plans for Hoove G/NP-024, Cracoe Fell G/NP-032 and possibly moving into some more of the G/SB and GM/SS regions. I’ll leave him to negotiate the pass-outs!

73, Tom M1EYP

In reply to M1EYP:

Jimmy, concentrate on G/SB-006 and G/SB-010 I’m sure you will enjoy those two lovely summits, hi. You will definitely have 1 chaser eagerly waiting to work you.

Maybe after you and your Dad have completed NP anyway.


We were thinking of doing them on 2m handhelds with rubber ducks and half a watt. Mind you, I would still fully expect the first response to be you!

In reply to M1EYP:

We were thinking of doing them on 2m handhelds with rubber ducks and
half a watt. Mind you, I would still fully expect the first response
to be you!

Let me know when then, I’ll drive you both up there and wait for you at each summit parking spot, with my SB5 at 7 metres up, a masthead preamp and a 400 watt linear connected to my radio, hi. I’ll even let you off with that pint you owe me next time I activate the cloud!