NP Area next week

On the move again (How nice to be semi-retired). This time enlarging my carbon footprint by hauling the caravan to the NP area (Low Bentham)on 1/8 to 5/8. Weather permitting XYL and I will activate a couple of summits. Now I’ve got Spotlite to work on my mobile, I’ll be able to indicate our intentions. HF on 40M using G6DTN/P, and if time allows, 2M FM using M0DFA/P (to improve my uniques score)

Look forward to meeting you I know where you are stopping, with Barrie G1JYB
Hope that you will be operating voice and not CW or as well as, on HF
Activators seem to be getting less and less so it will be great to here you up here and not everybody does CW

See you soon

Stephany G1LAT

In reply to G1LAT: Don’t think I have your call in the log. I only operate voice, but I’d love to be able to operate CW (for non-SOTA reasons). Will have the key (straight) with me and a chance to do a bit of sending without too much of an audience would be welcome. Hope to arrive Wednesday mid to late afternoon. XYL (Janis) is not a radio person, but does come on some of the holiday activations. We both like a drop of ale (Black Sheep in the area?), so perhaps a local SOTA meeting ‘down the road’? as long as we don’t natter radio all evening.

Regards, Dave, M0DFA/G6DTN