NP Activations


We left Suffolk at 6am and got to Settle a bit after 10am.
Then we drove up Kingsdale and walked up Whernside NP-004 from the west. There were quite a lot of people on the summit even though it was cold cloudy and windy. When I set up the beam I found it had lost the screw that connects the coax to the element so I only used the whip on the FT-290.
I made eight contacts all on FM.
Great Coum NP-011:
We started on a gravel path which suddenly disappeared into a very muddy path/bog which we followed until we were below the summit and then we followed the wall up to the top.
I called for a while before I got any contacts then I worked three stations and finally worked GW0DSP by standing on the wall.
We got back to the car just as it got dark.
On Sunday we were going to do Dodd Fell NP-016 but when we got to the car park there was low cloud and snow so we went home early instead.


In reply to 2E0KEA:

First of all I believe that congratulations are in order. Well done on passing through the 100 activation points barrier.

It was great to hear you on the summits again Timothy and thanks for the points from both summits. I thought that you had a problem because you are usually a very good signal.
I look forward to hearing you again soon.

73 Mike GW0DSP

In reply to GW0DSP:

Hi Mike

Yes i just about made it to 100 this time…

I did fix the beam on Sunday but will take some spares for it next time if i activate some more soon.

I’ve put the only decent photo i took on Flickr now but you might not be able to see any thing.

Timothy 2E0KEA