NP-020 Cold Fell 2m report 30/07/2007

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Excellent report once more Derek, as indeed was the one for Burnhope Seat. You are really getting into this and I’m pleased to see you are making a decent amount of QSOs on my preferred band.

73, Gerald

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Another one…

The car was left, tucked off the road, at NY582574, Forest Head. At
the sharp bend in the road, a finger post pointed SE, across the old

Just a warning to potential activators, dont be tempted to take a short cut across the quarry as I did on my first activation. After 30mins of ups & downs & cracking ankles in rabbit holes - I ended up where I started. Much more efficient to go round it. Tnx for the report Derek, no mention of the budhist prayer flags, wonder if theyre still there?

73 Steve G1INK.