NP-005 - apologies

To the chasers I had to leave in the pile-up this evening on G/NP-005, please accept my apologies. My log is uploaded now.

I had my, unfortunately, familiar problem to start, after x2 “QRL?” then x2 CQs - a Russian station started CQing on my frequency. I have to give the benefit of the doubt that I only run 3 W into an inverted V, but this happens on a lot of my activations. Please if chasing me, use the reverse beacon network to see where I have QSYed to. I try to not move too far.

It became apparent after my second QSO something wasn’t right with my keying. I assumed it was me that was the problem(!), but I was getting extra dots and dashes after I released from the key. I slackened the tension on the pico paddle but this didn’t improve things, so I switched to a very much improvised straight key mode. This was painful to operate so I can only imagine how painful it was to listen to.

What ensued was a highly confusing pileup and my problems got worse so I had to pull the plug.

I hope this is the last time I have to leave chasers calling. I’m going to give everything a check/service before my next outing.

73 Matthew M5EVT.

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Hi Matthew,

I don’t know what rig you were using, but your keying problem might be that your rig was set to Iambic B while you are used to Iambic A. It’s a matter of personal preference; personally I hate Iambic A :slight_smile: