Now with 50W

Took the Intermediate exam last week, certificate turned up this morning. New callsign 2E0KIO Cant wait to get out and make use of this 50W!


Good, but more to carry :wink:

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Congrats on your new callsign. You’ve got a nice suffix.
These are the KIO towers in Madrid:
You can google Kio towers if you want to find out more about these unique buildings.



Thanks! Thought Id stick with the suffix, hope to get in the hills after Christmas. Those towers do look impressive though!

Not so if you are a Chaser!

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Vastly overrated :wink:

Some say!

It offers little extra to those who are willing and able to operate more efficient modes. It is no doubt useful to those that are restricted to phone modes.

Well done. There is no IO83 effect here in my bit of IO84, and most of my activations have been down on 40/60/80 - probably due to the sun being asleep. 30W SSB seems to be much more effective than 5W - even though it is less than 2 S points but agree that if you have cw/data and/or plenty of time 5 should do … Hope to work you with your new call. 73 Paul


One day I’ll be able to learn cw. Hope to be out this week, if not might be next year. Would be great to get you in the log!

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And I did mean to add a congrats on advancing but got distracted…

Anyway don’t stop now, on to the Full and learn CW at the same time.

Then you can have 400W and still find that 5W is normally plenty when you’re the SOTA DX :wink:

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Advanced next year, well I’m getting the book at least!


Well done, enjoy the extra privileges…
It’s a good stepping stone regardless, and the full license is definitely earnt.
Mark. M0NOM

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Well done, enjoy your new callsing. suc6.

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Just to be clear about this, nobody is “restricted to phone modes”! The modes that we use are by our own free choice, adopted in line with our own preferences.

Surely if you refuse to do CW or data, even if it is of your own free will, then you are restricted to phone modes! And my comment was supportive of the fact that in such cases 50w would be beneficial, whereas for me it would be an unnecessary expense.

From a chaser’s point of view from this side of the pond, 2 S-units
is a great improvement! Many of the stations, even here in the U.S.
are S-zero but copyable. 2 S-units would put them into the “armchair
copy” category.

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I don’t want to distract this thread from its topic of Dom’s earning of his Intermediate licence (well done, Dom, BTW!)

The 10dB that you get by going from the 5 watts of an 817 to 50 watts from a heavier setup is invaluable in poor conditions, amountng to nearly two American S points or more than three Japanese S points (Japanese rigs average 3 dB per S point!), and this advantage applies in whatever mode you choose to use. This makes the IL well worth the effort of studying for it.

Congrats, Dom. I couldn’t help notice EYPs reply and nearly fell off my chair laughing.

FT-8 rules eh!

However, with the correct antenna and an operator who knows what s/he’s doing, SSB overules!


Hopefully I’ll do some hf activations next year and see what happens. Should have done it ages ago!

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