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Nothing here from EA8/PA7ZEE/P on EA8/GC-009

I was listen and I heard … vy strong all chasers from OZ to EA2… but here QTH EA8 (El Hierro) nothing - absolutely nothing to hear. from summit…we are too closed.

73 de Erich

Erich, really too closed …? :sleeping:

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Nothing heard in GI either except for a very brief 229 moment then disappeared.


Victor GI4ONL

Geert worked here at 13:26z on 14062 KHz RST539.

73 Phil

I think I heard him, but he wasn’t clear enough for long enough for me to work him. Mind, I did spot the spot a bit late, and I was only part-way through picking the callsign together when I heard “QRT”, and then things went quiet…

Nothing in Nth Cornwall. It’s quite amazing how only last year 20mts was the normal method of contact for most close European stations and 40mts for inter G. Now 40mts is for Europe and 80mts (and 60mts) is all we can use for G. I have been succesful on 40mts into GM most of the time. I’m just wondering why I’ve bothered to keep my tri band HF antenna up may swop it for a 2mt yagi and go to VHF for a few years.

I guess we’re into sunspot-minimum-style propagation, with weaker ionisation layers only supporting very shallow-angle deflection, and therefore much longer minimum skip distances…

Oh well…

Geert was barely noticeable on my RX and only when the QSB was favourable.
I only knew some times that he was transmitting but his signal was definitely not copyable for me. EA8 is South-West of me and the ends of my endfed wire are right to the South-West and the North-East, so Geert was coming to the end of my wire.
However, Jorge EA2LU, located very close to my QTH (about 1Km or less) and much better equipped for chasing with his rotary beam, managed to work Geert without any problems. I was QRV and heard the QSO. EA2LU very strong and EA8/PA7ZEE/P almost null.
A good antenna system can help a lot in poor propagation conditions.


I am in QTH El Hierro - this Island is abt 250 km west from Gran Canary
My QTH is located in the aera named Golfo, abt 50m over sea level.
Between Gran Canary an my QTH there is a mountain for 1500m (its the EA8/HI-001), and the wall starts abt 500m away from my QTH.

I have free here from SW to SO. Catching US activators from here is mostly no problem - but the neiberhood.
Only to La Palma this works with the ground wave.

I will announce when I activate the EA8/HI-001 again - asap the Temp is bit higher…

Vy sri that not everybody could hear me. I was QRV at 13:10 and picked up by OE7PHI at 13:17 who gave me a 579 report and spotted me. After that there was a pile up with four QSO’s with North American stations, and many Europeand stations from DL, EA, PA, G, ON, 2 x HB9 (!) and OK. Before going QRT at 13:40, I called a few times but no reply.
Today was one of the most successfull activations with so many dx.
This activation showd again that the 3 W form the KX1 into a W3EDP antenna worked well.

There’s nothing much you (or any of us) can do about the way propagation’s going at the moment. It is interesting to see the way chasers were arranged around you, though.