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Not very successful

From 23.7. to 27.7 I marched about 100 km in the Harz region and hoped to activate up to 9 summits. Due to own fault (wrong adapter, replaced by an auxiliary means of wire and tape the following days), bad weather (storm of about 120 km/h one day and heavy rain the last day) I could only activate 4 summits.Hope to be better organized and have better weather next time.

Volker, DK2MT

Sorry to hear this Volker. Glad you were able to fix the adapter. Fixing the weather is another story…
Thanks for the QSO on the 27th.

73, Hans PB2T

No need to sorry for not being able to fulfill such ambitious challenge.
The adaptor issue is your only fault and you managed to find a solution.
Weather is something we can do nothing about other than waiting for an improvement and taking it into serious considertion rather than taking the risk of going out and lamenting about serious troubles later.
You did the right thing and activating 4 summits in 5 days with some really bad weather is a very good success.
Congrats and 73 de Guru.

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