Not the best conditions but getting better... Working with FT857 20watts and 1/4 vertical antenna


Outstanding signal into VK!

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Thanks for the QSO!
With Oceania always good conditions throughout the day!

I’ve received more calls from Japanese stations when activating in the last week too, often with very good signal levels. Always happy to work JA.
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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In a good percentage of activations there are VKs and ZLs in my log, also S2S.
I think there is a channel between Oceania and JA because I was chased at morning, noon and evening! :slight_smile:

Always looking for JA and you guys always Alert and Spot so we can watch out for you. My most successful band to JA during down turn for me was 17m cw, worked JP1QEC easiest on that band. But nice to hear a good signal on 20m from you Takeo cu agn sn.
vk5cz …

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Thanks for the QSO!
I was really surprised, when I was doing the first CQ at the same time I was typing a spot and when the CQ finished immediately F4 and ZL1 called me! It wasn’t necessary the spot :slight_smile:
And your signals were stunning.

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6 m was open to Japan most of yesterday, Some VK’s worked nearly 100 JAs before lunch! So having the other bands open is no surprise. I apologize for sticking on 6 m instead of chasing on HF. Its 20 years since I’ve experienced such a good 6 m opening.

I’ll try to chase next time.



I try FT8 today on 20m from W6/NS-290 with 100 w and dipole and made 3 JA contacts- JR8AMF, JH1VPB, JR7CYR, and 1EU contact- DJ8RS. Although, I am not sure if they are SOTA participants. Only 1 intercontinental contact on CW - ZL2IFB…

Conditions between JA and US West coast are approximately at 2200-2400 UTC. I worked 5 or 6 S2S with the West coast and I was chased many times.
Bands 14 and 18mhz

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