Not SOTA activation

Hello everyone to those stations who were calling VK5CZ today thinking I was SOTA activation sorry but I was not on a summit. I made a cq call and Phil G4OBK and DL1DVE and OE3KAB were kind enough to give me a signal report on an antenna I was testing for SOTA in my yard and they understood what I was doing. I came up after VK2AFA who had been activating went QRT so others who thought I was Sam you may want to check his log before entering him as a QSO because I definitely heard Sam say he was going QRT. Sorry I did not mean to inconvenience anyone
Cheers de Ian vk5cz …

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Ian, I was listening whilst working & heard you working VK2IO. Good signals at 579. You were down a little after Sam had gone but the QRM had also risen with the EU opening.
Cheers Tony VK3CAT

Great Tony thanks for that I was out in the yard again this after noon back on the end feds again got OK2BWB on ok/vy-006 tonight 5 watts to a 32 foot end fed with a 9t1 un-un balun on 20m .
Got Mike on 20m ssb yesterday with it I gave up earlier in the day the signals on 40m were a bit low down today even the chasers to vk1 today were weaker, but any how slowly killing my holiday better than working.
back into it Monday
see you in the hills cheers de Ian vk5cz …

It was very nice contact Ian and thanks for the information about your equipment. My qth was in the virgin forest OKFF-156 on VY-006 Zakova hora and your weak signals were clear as distant forest birds singing in the background - really exhilarating experience in radio contact. Additionally, my rig parameters were essentially the same - rf power only 3 to 4W and antenna efhw vertical and simple matching L-network.



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Nice to meet you Karel on the air . I am a bit obsessed with these end fed wires my local friends keep telling me to keep using the link dipole. Best results for me is 31 49 and 58 foot wires,3 metres of counter poise. I have been trying a band springer by SB as well as a SB link dipole . My main motive for trying to work summits from in my yard at home is to test the antenna close to my shack and tools but if I can work you from the yard chances are it will work S2S when I do go out activating. My local friend and has found permission to enter 6 new summits we have not activated yet so some exciting new activations will be good for this season.
73 de Ian …