North Wales Trip September

Hi all/

In a similar vein to a recent posting, I’d just like to say that I plan to do another trip of about 10 days to Wales for some SOTA activity.
I’ll be leaving London on Monday 8th September, planning to return on Thursday 18th. In between there will be a variety of summits on offer.
The most definite is NW-001 on Saturday 13th. This is because I will be joining a group of non-radio work colleagues on a weekend away and we’ve pencilled in what to them is the “big one” (they’ve never seen Tryfan!)for that day (might get NW-030 in on the way down). This will be a non-point scorer for me as I did 001 back in April.
Other than that I have no specific summits /dates planned, all will be weather dependent. I do want to concentrate some time on ticking the 2000 footers in the Glyders so 005, 003 and 006 will be on sometine (I’ve already done 004 this year so will avoid it if I can). Another possibility is to head to S.Wales first for SW-001/005 heading north on Tuesday. I’d also like to do my remaining uniques on the Lleyn peninsula (inspired by Tom’s report) and MAY try to get onto Bardsey if the boat is still running. I don’t have the facility to self spot (not that I know of anyway), sorry.
Activity is likely to be VHF only unless in the next two weeks I can find time to work out how to tune the Bandspringer/MFJ-902/FT-817 combination for HF.

Hope to speak to some of you soon


Mick 2E0MCV

In reply to M3MCV:

One to consider: NW 010 Moel Siabod. A great mountain for VHF since it’s on the eastern edge of the big stuff, so nothing between you and the English cities. The path’s well marked low down but tricky to follow near the top, not that it matters. It’s not done too often either.

One to avoid: NW 025 Allt Fawr. Pain in the butt to get there, takes ages and there are lots of false peaks about.

In reply to M0FFX:
Now I like NW-025, a nice ridge walk from the top of the Crimea Pass, bypassing the first summit on a traverseing path to the lake! In my experience NW-010 goes best from the northeast, a tarmac road as far as the farmhouse at Rhos then a quarry road which you leave to ascend a grassy trough beside a spine of rock and then a slight scramble to the summit ridge.


Brian G8ADD

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I’ve already done NW-010, nice mountain, excellent views, some of the best in the area. It’s just not on the itinerary this time. NW-025 would be a unique so I’ve got to do it sometime.
Most likely planned summits include two days around NW-003/005/006 to get SOTA points and bag the 2000 footers. I’d like to do NW-007 and/or NW-012 this time too. NW-001 will be done, most likely Sat 13th, with my non-radio friends who “want to see a geek in action”. Others as and when possible.
The success or otherwise of this trip depends on the weather which shows no sign of co-operating. Chasers please note that in the event of adverse conditions, if I do go up, it could be with minimal gear and 2m FM only. I can survive a soaking but my radio can’t.


Mick 2E0MCV