North Wales Easter Sunday

Yesterday I headed for North Wales to activate Tal y Fan GW/NW-040 & the Great Orme GW/NW-070. The wx was nice & sunny, a bit hazy with a cool wind, but good for the time of year. Highlight of the Tal y Fan activation was a S2S with Ralf DH3IAJ on DM/BW-161, unfortunately I didn`t catch this on video. 95 contacts made with a foray on 20m bringing Morocco & Israel. Contacts as follows:-
60m - 27
40m - 18
20m - 7
2m - 35
70cm - 8
A short drive to the Gt Orme revealed a very busy summit, therefore no chance of erecting the HF dipole. Only 22 contacts here - it improved once I realised the beam was 180 degrees out :wink:
A short video has be uploaded to YouTube at :-

Thanks to everyone who called in. Steve G1INK.

In reply to G1INK:
Forgot to mention I saw a slow worm on Tal y Fan, half snake / half lizard. Unusual this early in the year.

In reply to G1INK:

Great video Steve, I’m getting famous on Youtube now, hi. I’m getting to be like Mike Myers, I must change my ID to GW0DSP International man of mystery, hi.

OK on the slow worm, loads of em in GW especially on the hills around LLangollen, but as you say unusual at this time of year.

Thanks again Steve, for the two uniques yesterday, especially Great Orme off the back of your beam, hi.



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You were a good signal in Cheltenham from GT Orme. Called you quite a few times without success. I wonder, were you experiencing front end compression on the 857 from the local radio mast?. Never managed to hear you and not work you on 2 before!

In reply to G3RMD:
Hi Frank - I put out a few calls to the Midlands direction looking for Graham / Don etc but heard nothing. I was experiencing a bit of brakthrough even on ssb, however it was just a 2 second burst about every 10 seconds so I assumed I could work through it. I didn`t put 100% into the activation as my non amateur friend was moaning about how cold he was, therefore as soon as the stream of chasers dried up I packed up & headed for a very packed A55 & slowly drove home.