North Vancouver Triple-Header

This week I decided to knock out three summits in one day in North Vancouver. Crown Mountain (VE7/GV-005), Goat Mountain (VE7/GV-010), and Mt. Fromme (VE7/GV-008) were the objectives. Each summit is 4 points, and for kicks I did the whole thing without using the Grouse mountain tram, which meant doing the ‘Grouse Grind’ up 850m of grades up to 58%, then descending into Crown Pass before climbing another 500m back up to the summit of Crown Mountain. From there I went back into the pass then climbed up another 300m to Goat Mountain before heading down Thunderbird Ridge towards Pipeline Pass and then up to Mt. Fromme. A 900m descent back down to the road and a 3km run to the car were all that was left.

The weather was foul, though the VHF conditions were fair. Being a light and fast day I opted to stick with a 2m/70cm HT and forego the HF equipment. 17 contacts later (one of them 105Km away in Washington State) and I was able to bag all three summits for 12 points.

Total distance: 22.4 Km
Elevation gain/loss: 2,642m
Total time: 10 hours 18 minutes
Calories burned: 8,232
Gels consumed: 6
Deer sighted: 1
Hailstorms endured: 2

For more pictures and a full report check out the blog post: A North Vancouver Triple-Header | Summits and Radios


Nice job! I tried to follow along, but the triple header was a bit out of range for my 5w in Everett, WA. That’s 169 Km. I was worried you would bag it due to weather. Things weren’t much better here. I have to escape my quarters to climb a shallow hill to improve my Line of Sight.
Next time, perhaps!

Thanks, Victor! If you get up high enough then it’s not too hard to get into the North Shore mountains from Washington. We’ll get it next time!

My back is hurting just reading about this. Nicely done

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