Nordkapp 14/09/22

It was on our bucket list, until now. After 3.848 km., with starting point Ostend / Belgium, we reached our goal. It was a real challenge for me if I could make some QSO’s out of this beautiful location. The SOTA point in the neighbourhood is, LA/FM-019 - JALGAVARRI ( 332m. ). It’s a short walk, from a parking plot nearby ( +/- 6 km. from North Cape ). A little bit tricky, with stones and marshland all around you. 4G is excellent in Norway. So, TrackViewer ( iOs ) is my best friend to find an exact location. Finally, I’ve made 24 QSO’s. Just great to hear some ham friends from my own radioclub RACOO v.z.w. ( @ON7DQ / @ON4CJP ). I was a little bit emotional that day. I was so excited that I forgot the cold weather. After 1/2 hour, my fingertips feels like frozen! I walked back to the VAN, feeling happy as a child!

My equipment: Yeasu 817 + lin. PA500 ( project: DL4KA / limited, because of the power consumption: 20w. HF = 4 amp. - 13,5v. ) / End Fed antenna.


you traveled a large part of the world, not for this 1 point, I appreciate. and it was good to hear. Leszek


Oh, that’s amazing!

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