Norcal doublet - source of wire


I’m going to make one of these and actually make a start on my summiting. (experienced mountaineer and radio amateur but never tried the two together before!!) Any suggestions for locating some cheap-ish flat cable? I rarely get to rallies these days so ideally something I can order on the web.

Thanks for your help. I promise you some summits in return!

Best Wishes

Denis MW0CBC/GW8OQV (ex VP8AQG. W2, 5N2 etc…!!)

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Hi Denis

I was on the lookout when I wanted to build one too. But in the end I bought one of the kits from:

I have the double size (88ft) version and it works FB (especially on 60m)

Good luck with it…

73 Marc G0AZS

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It appears to be a ‘discontinued’ product Marc.
Farnell do a 30.5m reel of 25way cable for about £19.
Enough to make 6 doublets :slight_smile:

Roger G4OWG

Thanks chaps - I think the 25 way cable is the ‘way’ to go!



Might be of interest:

30M REEL 60 WAY GREY RIBBON (RC) 01-0202 Was £24.95 NOW £12.50

Nigel. G6SFP.