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Norbreck 2008


SOTA, will as usual, have a display at the North West’s main radio event of the year. As well as the display items, information leaflets and question-and-answer facility, the stand will, as previous years, serve as a meeting point for existing SOTA activators and chasers.

This is always a busy and rewarding event in which to be representing SOTA, being surrounded by the LD, NP, SP and NW regions, and many participants usually attend the show, while many others are inspired to get involved.

I have already received the usual offer of help from those SOTA stalwarts Rob and Audrey (many thanks, much appreciated), but further offers to ‘put in an hour’ manning the stand would be much appreciated - and would enable M1EYP and M3EYP to see a bit of the show. Email me via my website - http://tomread.co.uk

73, Tom M1EYP


In reply to M1EYP:
Hi Tom, not sure if I will be attending this year, if I make my mind up will get in touch, regarding rally’s have you heard about Llandudno, supposed to be in a school near to asda’s 1st & 2nd November 2008, we all missed it last year so looking forward to wales,
please pass on to non-sota radio amateur’s who don’t use SOTA.

Steve m0sgb


In reply to M0SGB :
Yes, there are plans to put on a rally again in Llandudno early November at a local school.

I’m hoping to speak to the chairman of the NWRS tonight for more details. They have asked me if we would like a SOTA stand again.

I’ll get back when I know more.

Roger MW0IDX


In reply to MW0IDX:
nice one Roger look forward to see what happen’s.
Steve m0sgb


In reply to M0SGB :
Hi Steve,
They are planning to hold the rally at John Brights School on the 1st & 2nd of November this year. This large school was was built in the last five years and has plenty of parking space.

I was told that an advert for the rally will be placed in RadCom this September.

They are planning to update their web-site at some point to reflect this news.

Fingers crossed for the return of the Llandudno rally!

Roger MW0IDX


Looking forward to meeting up with everyone again on Sunday. The SOTA stand awaits your presence. Don’t forget to wear your SOTA t-shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, badges and baseball caps!

I won’t have a timetable for manning the stand; we’ll just do it on an ad hoc basis. There always tends to be more SOTA regulars available on the day for this than those who have offered their time in advance. All the help is much appreciated.

See you on Sunday,

Tom M1EYP & Jimmy M3EYP


In reply to M1EYP:

Bad news. I’m unable to go to Norbreck due to having to take part in a local Music Festival. Also, my dad (G7EGQ), is also unable to go due to work commitments. Never mind, hopefully see you next year.

Jordan (M3TMX)


In reply to M1EYP:
Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday, should be a good turnout I think. Oh and thanks for taking time for Morgan on Sunday Tom, he was amazed, all he could say was that you remembered his name after all this time !! HI but you made his day thanks again.




I will be in DC on Sunday so bearing in mind that nearly everyone will be at the rally maybe I should not do a summit that day unless you can monitor 80m +/or 60m from the stand, we will see.

Question - Will there be SOTA Tee-shirts on the stand?

If so I will give someone money to buy me a couple of XXLs and a large for when I get fit ;0)

73 Steve GW7AAV


In reply to GW7AAV:

If so I will give someone money to buy me a couple of XXLs and a large
for when I get fit ;0)


If they’re stretchy, you’ll only need the large then. It’ll size itself automatically. :slight_smile:

73 Marc HA/G0AZS


In reply to GW7AAV:

Well, I’m saying nowt!! but I won’t be sending any money;-)

I am in Fleetwood Fri/Sat/Sun, so a good chance I may get to the rally, depends on family commitments though.

73 Mike GW0DSP


The SOTA stand at the Norbreck Rally was again a success, well-attended by SOTA enthusiasts and interested potential participants alike throughout the day.

Jimmy M3EYP and myself were joined, as usual, by Rob G4RQJ and Audrey. We spent nearly two hours setting up the stand, which included Rob and Audrey’s excellent collection of summit photographs, all on laminated A4 card. Also featured were SOTA award certificates, an example of a portable SOTA station (Yaseu FT-817, 4.2Ah SLAB, fist mike, Mini Palm Paddle & 2m SOTA Beam), SOTA Powerpoint presentation (on laptop), SOTA Digital photo gallery (rotating on mini-screen), leaflets & stickers, and Audrey’s legendary homemade SOTA cakes! This was presented under the large SOTA Banner, which was hoisted between a pair of fishing poles.

The display was then augmented by a fine selection of colour activation pictures of John G4YSS (GX0OOO/P) activations, kindly supplied by Roy G4SSH and John G4YSS. As well as Rob, Audrey, Jimmy and myself, the stand was manned during the day by Clive M1YAM and Andy MM0FMF - many thanks for your help and time-commitment chaps.

It was good to see so many friends old and new call in on the stand. The visitors book was signed by:

Rick GW0VMW, Richard G3CWI, Frank GM1UUL, Keith G0OXV, Chris M0TES, Stuart G0MJG, Ian G7ADF, Roy G4SSH, Terry G0VWP, Greg 2E0RXX, Liam M3ZRY, John M0JFE, Nathan 2E0OCC, Ian GW8OGI, Eleri MW3NYR, Colin M0CGH, Geoff G4CPA, John G4YSS, Michael (SWL), Geoff G6MZX, Keith G8HXE, Jim G0CQK, Roy G0HDX, Phil G1OPV, Clive M1YAM, Tom M1EYP, Rob G4RQJ, Audrey (XYL), Jimmy M3EYP, Andy MM0FMF, Chrissie MW3LXK, Alan G3NPJ, Iain M3WJZ, Dave G1HAK, Stephany G1LAT, Barrie G1JYB, Nigel M0RXY, Sean 2E0BAX, Kevin M0XLT, Steve M0DNA, Peter 2E1DNB, Stephen 2I0SGM, CRAG MX0BCQ.

Thanks to everyone for making the effort to “check-in” with us. Thanks to Jimmy who probably put in more hours/minutes/seconds on the SOTA stand than any other individual on the day. Especial thanks to Rob and Audrey who again, as ever, provided the materials, items and personality that really bring this stand to life. I am very grateful, as I’m sure is everyone that visited the stand today.

Thanks also to Richard G3CWI / SOTA Beams for sponsoring the SOTA stand.




In reply to M1EYP:

Yes Tom, what a visually pleasing stand with friendly, infectiously-enthusiastic people behind it and many thanks to Audrey (Aud) for the cake & buns which she had home-baked for the occasion. Indeed, thanks also to Richard G3CWI for his sponsorship.

Judging by the numbers of people all talking outside it at any one time, the display was a resounding success and I for one, didn’t know where the time went. It was great to meet new faces and catch up with old friends though I regret not connecting with one or two who had signed-in and others who couldn’t attend.

The rally itself was interesting and the handful of items that I wanted were all available. It was perhaps no bad thing, as we have been complaining for many years that the ratio of computer products to radio ones has been too high, that it took quite an effort to find a mouse to replace my tea-soaked one.

As always, the WAB stand too was just as friendly & welcoming with this year’s president Brian G0BFJ greeting all callers.

Every time I passed Richard’s SOTABEAMs outlet, he was busy demonstrating one or another of his rapidly expanding range of lightweight, innovative and simply functional antenna products, all based on actual usage, experience and the requirements of the outdoor amateur in extreme situations.

In summary, Roy G4SSH and I had a lovely day out at what has become the SOTA highlight of the year.

Once again, thanks you all for your hard work,

73, John


In reply to M1EYP:

Hi Tom,

Many thanks for the most interesting and informative report. Most useful for those of us that were not able to attend.

Well done all those that were involved.

73, Gerald


In reply to G4YSS:

It was a good rally for many reasons. One was Audrey’s cake, another was meeting many SOTA chasers and ativators. I had some great discussions with John, Clive, Ian & Eleri. But best of all was finding the guy selling new 3.7V 2200mAH LiPo cells for a £1 each. I got enough cells for 2x 11.1v packs for only a fiver! :smiley:
Strangely enough a new VX170 seemed to find its way into my bag aswell.



It was indeed pleasant to put names callsigns and faces together, it was also extremely nice that all you good people stayed safe, and I am proud to say that One Earth Events who did all the event first aid only had to point people in the general direction of the toilets.

I also managed to procure a decent SOTA beam and enthused with a good deal more in the way of friends I now intend to do my first Activation at SP005 (Pendle) over the weekend so keep an eye people for my first activation alert before it happens :slight_smile:



In reply to M1EYP:
Really enjoyed the rally as usual,great to meet old friends and make a good many new ones.Sorry if we forgot anyone or didn’t remember the name or call-sign,blame it on old age, (I do! Rob) Thanks to Tom and Richard for the stall and everyone else for making it a fine day out. Back to the hills next week, sorry in advance if I’ve forgotten the name/callsign by then. Audrey will remind me. (I really should get this memory fixed ;))
Thanks and 73 all, Catch you from the hills
Rob and Audrey


I really should write an event like this dwon in my diary and make a long weekend of it.

Just love to meet U.K. sota and wab friends.

Any event like this in the south of england?



In reply to M1EYP:

Thanks for an informative write up Tom, also to everyone else who added to this thread. I’m sorry not to have made it myself this year, there’s so many people I was looking forward to meeting, not to mention a date with one of Audrey’s world famous SOTA cakes.
It sounds like the stand and all who manned it did us proud again, as always, well done to all of you.

73 Mike GW0DSP


In reply to M1EYP:

Well Tom nice to have met you for the 1st time also Jimmy and I must say the stand looked good and lots of info for the people that don’t do SOTA also nice to come in contact with the famous cakes from Audrey well done Audrey also nice to meet Rob.

It was also nice to see and meet Richard on his stand and had a good chat with him I will be buying the new SB5 from you Richard at a later date and the Liquid Electrical Tape which I got while there works well did use it on getting home.

The rally it self was good got all I went for except the powerploe connector’s from W/S they did not have any with them will be back next year.

73 de G0VWP Terry