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Non exclusive frequency!

It is always sad hearing SOTA chasers who disturb ongoing QSO’s on 7.032 and claiming exclusive rights for SOTA. Bad hamspirit! This morning some guys were transmitiing “vvv” with no call interfering a QSO of DM2BRF/P (no SOTA).
The SOTA activators are usually good enough operators to find a new spot!
Stop this bad habit,
73, Hans PA0HRM

In reply to PA0HRM:
Same happens yesterday evening and it is also mystery, that some chasers take a sledgehammer to crack a nut, i mean, they use 1KW (QRO) to contact an QRP-Station like a SOTA activator on an QRP Frequency! :-((
73 Peter

In reply to PA0HRM:

Do they send their callsign when they chase people away?