No SOTA Mt, Soratxipi EA2/NV-084 by EA2IF/P on 29/05/2021

This was my Alert:

This is the location of this summit w.r.t. my QTH:

This is the GPS track I followed from the Col of Gorostieta located 45Km North from my QTH in Pamplona:

The hike was about 4Km long with an elevation gain of slighly over 225m.

I parked in the nice picnic area at the Col of Gorostieta and started the hike by about 8h10 utc:

The first part was along a mountain dirt road which I could have perfectly driven with my car, but I fancied a nice walk through the forest.

After a while, the mountain dirt road ended. The track and views changed to this:

And this a while further:

The final part is on a nice, soft grassy surface. In this picture, the summit became finally visible:

I reached the summit at 9h25 utc:

I prepared my setup as usual:

But once I had everything connected, I found that my FT-817ND rig didn’t switch ON.
Without a multimeter and tools, all I could do is double checking the connectors from my LiFePo4 battery to my SOTAkit and also the power connector at the back of my rig.
Nothing produce any response and my rig remained OFF at all times.
It’s very surprising because I activated SOTA just 2 days ago and everything worked fine. I’ll investigate later and will update you with my findings.

I knew the Leurtza dam should be down there but it wasn’t possible to see it from the summit because of the forest, so I moved to the secondary summit pointed with the red arrow in the following picture:

And it was slightly visible from this other summit:

The views from this secondary summit were even nicer than from the principal one.

SOTA wasn’t possible for me today but I had a very nice time in the mountains with a perfect weather.
I hope to find and solve the problem soon.




The problem has been found and solved. I could have even solved it at the summit, should I have looked where I didn’t. As simple as the black wire disconnected from the LiFePo4. My battery always lives at the bottom of my rucksack, underneath the wooden box with my SOTA-kit inside and wrapped in bubble plastic and another plastic bag with a velcro strap fixing everything. I almost never take it out, not even for charging it, so I didn’t even guessed or remembered of a possible wire disconnection inside that package. Well, it’s clear that any failure mode can happen, no matter how remotely possible is. Murphy is always QRV…



Hi Guru, many thanks for this info ! (was a pleasure to meet you again yesterday on FL/VO-011 !). I’m always working with the FT817 and a LIPO battery. It seems to be a good advice to check this connections too before starting… Many thanks again, 73’s Jean.

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Hi Guru,

thanks for your report and the fine pictures. It seems to be a lovely region, the way trough the wood and smooth grasslands.

I hope Murphy will leave you.

73 Ludwig

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I’ll be back there to try a new activation tomorrow.
I hope to be on air by 9h30 utc.



What a pitty for yesterday, but today you being back to me a smile while I am chasing you…

Nice SSB QSO and happy.

Regards Guru

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Yesterday’s failure has turned into a big success in today’s activation, with 80QSO, 5 of which S2S in about 1h30 minutes. 2 QSOs on 20m SSB, 18 QSOs on 30m CW and 60 QSOs on 40m SSB. Several mountaneers passed by the summit while I was operating. I explained what SOTA was about to a group and they were delighted with what I explained them. Other groups arrived later and amazed hearing me making so many contacts with so many distant places of Spain as well as other contacts with hams in English and Italian language on 40m SSB. It was a great SOTA show today.

P.D. I didn’t take any pictures today because I did take many yesterday, but my SOTA mate JAP joined me today and he took several pictures. Once I’ll get them, I’ll post here the ones I find new and particularly interesting if any.


Well done Guru, sounds like you had a most enjoyable fun day :grinning:

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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Hi Guru, pleased to work you yesterday from GM/ES-057 on 30m and glad you solved your problem. The only similar thing I have had with my 857 was a fuse coming loose in the power lead to the battery, which happily I managed to diagnose and cure quickly.

Hello Simon,
It was a great pleasure for me to S2S with you yesterday during my second activation of the day, but bear in mind I activated 2 summits yesterday and your post is on this thread about my first activation of the day, which was successful on Sunday, May 30th after the failure experienced on Saturday, May 29th with the black wire connection to my LiFePo4 battery. I was not on Soratxipi EA2/NV-084 when we had our S2S QSO and I was actually on Aizarbil EA2/NV-179.
I’ll be looking forward to making many more S2S with you.


That’s OK Guru, I got the correct summit in my log,
73, Simon

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