No records match your request error

Is anyone else getting this error?
Sorry if this is a repeat, I looked around and checked FB page first, also with different browsers over a couple of hours.

Yep, just got it for ZL, no doubt they will fix it.

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Has now been reported to ops. They can only fix it if they know about it.

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Adding extra information - this seems to ONLY affect certain associations - the ZL1 region is one example, whereas DL works fine.

73 Ed.

Looks like a connection problem to the db? Or a broken lookup query? Or string formating?
On the activation page entries are shown as NULL
See screenshoot:

(FYI: Sotadata - and newsotadata - are working fine)

73 Joe

There’s a problem fetching data from the main SOTA database into the DB that the SMP uses. I’m looking into it, but it appears to be either a slow or intermittent connection.

…and we should be back.

Thanks Andrew!
Activation view on Sotamaps works fine.