No more voice with F6ENO' Sofware: (solution)

Hello anyone.
I have been getting troubles with the voice spots announcing program of Alan, F6ENO.
Since the URL has changed, that means a few months ago, I don’t get the voice announces with the Alan’s software.
By chance, today morning, I solved the problem…
It only needs to “log in” after the soft has been launched !!
It was automatical with the old URL but not with the new one.
All is now in order again.
If that could help anyone ??
Best regards from:
Mike, F6GEO

In reply to F6GEO:
Mani thanks Mike for your piece of information. I had the same problem.
Michel, merci pour l’info. J’avais le même problème: je n’entendais plus la voix de ma QRP’ette. Hi !
73, Andy / André F5AKL

In reply to F5AKL:
Ok André.
Heureux d’avoir pu te dépanner car j’étais aussi désolé de ne plus entendre ma “copine”.
Alain m’avait dit que tu avais ce probléme.
A bientôt sur un nouveau Sota.
73, Michel, F6GEO