NO-037 TNX and Sorry!

The SOTA NO-037 is completed, with apologies to all for the problems of handling, crashed my key! certainly a problem of oxidation! and the rain has arrived!
I would go back on this soon SOTA in order to provide this reference to the greatest number. The positive side is that my antenna that I have made works fine on 40 meters. Thank you again to everyone who called, and their patience!
hoping to do better next time
best 73’s to all

In reply to F5NEP:
I hoope to hrd you soon.
I confirm and thanks for contacts from HA/DD003 and HA/DD006.

CUL Feri

In reply to HA7UL:
Hello Feri
tnx and hpe copy s2s!
tnx fer sota activations
best regards
73’s qro