Swiss National Mountain Day (NMD) and SOTA

In Switzerland, the National Mountain Day (NMD) is an event running since 1937.
The NMD was derived from the Field-Day, and later on became a independent NMD. This sparky mountain activity takes place every year on the third weekend of July.

Characterisics of the activity:
Sunday 18th of July from 0600z to 1000z.
The NMD is held on 80m from 3510-3560 KHz in CW and from 3600-3650 in SSB.
A location of an NMD-Station must be at least above 800m a.s.l.
The total weight must not exceed 6Kg, which ofcoarse now a day is a lot.
NMD-Stations exchange mutual a short plain text QTC of at least 15 characters.
Home stations in contact with a NMD-Station exchange is a corresponding RS(T) report.
The locations of the partcipants and further information can be found on the NMD-Website
nmd.uska.ch (german, french)

Most NMD participants are also SOTA activators, many of them SOTA-Goats!
Weather NMD or SOTA, often the QSO-Partners knowing each other personally.
This makes these two activities quite especial. Can you hear one NMD-Station on 80m? If so, QSO would be appreciated.

Known Sota-Aktivator participating on the NMD:
HB9AFH/P Hugo Schofwisspitz 1986m SG-055 CW falls WX OK
HB9AFI/P Kurt Tour de Gourz 926m VD-048 CW falls WX OK
HB9BHU/P Fredi Wisenberg 1001m BL-005 CW
HB9BQI/P René Aegsterberg 829m ZH-012 CW
HB9CDH/P Bruno Chutze 820m BE-123 CW
HB9EWO Clemens Piz Cavalatsch 2762m GR-330 CW/SSB WX OK
HB9DGV/P Rolf Blaseflue 1118m BE-109 CW
HB9DST/P Paul Bürglen 914m ZH-006 CW
HB9TIA/P Manuel Lägern 850m ZH-010 SSB
HB9BQI René CW, HB9CBR Bruno CW, HB9CDH Bruno CW, HB9CGA Uli CW, HB9GYB Patrick SSB, HB9TVK Peter CW on other locations.

NMD Kommission USKA/HTC 73 Hugo HB9AFH