Nine Standards Rigg Tomorrow

We have now arrived Kirkby Stephen on the Coast two Coast after two easy days walking and no summits to speak of. We had excellent views of Wild Boar Fell, Yarlside and Calf on our way over from Orton.

Tomorrow I would like to qualify 9 Standards Rigg, but with 2m FM and just a vertical I think this is unlikely unless Penrith can be reached and the stations of Geoff G4WHA and John G0TDM. Dave G6LKB in Ulverston is a possibility. I think Lancashire is out of reach from there with 4 watts, but at least I have plenty of battery power left. I will telephone dial a spot (G4SSH Roy) about 30 mins before I reach the summit tommorrow.

This will be the last radio activation as we finish at Reeth and return home on Thursday night, resuming the mission in September with another 6 days of walking to take in TW-001 and TW-002.

73 Phil

In reply to G4OBK:
Hi Phil,

If you can read this, your best chances may be into County Durham and generally the NE. After consulting my old logs it seems that NP18 covers well that way as I got good reports albeit using a vertical halfwave & 4W. I also got into the Furness District but with poorer reports - eg 51, so I don’t think a duck would go that way easily.

Good luck with your walk & activation. The fact that you have advised ahead via the reflector will help chasers focus their beams on you and you should be OK.

73, John G4YSS.

In reply to G4OBK:

Hi Phil,

I will have a listen for you from work if you are spotted. Will be monitoring Sotawatch.

Have a good walk.

73,s Geoff GM4WHA

In reply to G4OBK:

I wouldn’t rule Lancashire out completely Phil :wink:

I will try to get out of work & pop up to some high ground (Near to where I worked you from on Friday when you were perched on the Howitzer).

I will monitor sotawatch for the 30 minute alert.

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

Thank’s all for your advice - John G4YSS you were bang on!
No problems activing 9 Standards with the 4w and rucksack special. The trick is to get on the side of the hill, within the activation zone of course, and then walk off it in the opposite direction to catch the rest.

Kirkby Stephen side of hill - worked:
G0TDM Penrith
G4WHA Penrith
GX0ANT Penrith
G7GQL Penrith

Keld side of hill - worked:

We are now ar Butt House Keld in the lap of luxury as I sup the Weston’s Bounds Scrumpy Cider and await a 3 course meal courtesy of Trish and Linda our hosts. The infamous Mrs Doreen Whitehead retired some years ago.

As we left the summit today the remains of our walk (7 miles) was in rain. We had lunch in the unlocked Black Hut above Whitsundale with two Australian girls called Mary & Linda who we intend to meet with at Lion Inn for a pub meal next week, which we will visit - it is 12 miles from our home.

This has been a fantastic holiday, 9 days on the trail, no rain until today. We finish tomorrow at Reeth and return home via the Thirsk Market Place chippy.
Two of the group achieved something Alfred Wainwright didn’t - by climbing to the top of the Howitzer on Helm Crag, whihc is where I operated from sat down with the rucksack special in my sack.

Battery now low on laptop, so now QRT - thanks to Roy for the dial a spot help and of course the all important spotters on the SOTA/WOTA summits that were all succesffuly activated.


PS Sorry to miss Ian 2E0EDX - we were early and off the side of the hill at the time you were QRV today - you win some, you lose some.

In reply to G4OBK:
Hi Phil.I went out twice/mobile to try for you but failed on both occasions.I could hear you this morning on 9 standards rig and could possibly have worked you but another stronger station came up on 525.I am pleased to hear that you enjoyed the walk All the best Geoff G6MZX