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NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

Hi All,

Went into Aldi today with the XYL to buy some of their 5 minute
Golden Savoury Rice packets. Its the only supermarket by us that
seems to do them. At the checkout I noticed that they have packs
of 2 Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable ‘D’ Cells rated at 4000mAH
at £1.99 per pack. In fact all their packs of rechargeables were
at the same price so for £1.99 you could have also had 4 x AA or
AAA cells, and I think also 2 x ‘C’ cells. but unfortunately the
service was so quick I didnt get a chance to have a good look. So
using these you could make up a 4 AH external battery pack for say
an 817 at less than £9 or £10 depending whether you wanted to run
it off 10.8 or 12 volts. Looks quite a good buy.