Nice evening activation of G/SP-017

Tuesday 8th August. Billinge Hill.

A very pleasant couple of hours on this easy 1 pointer for the 70cm activity contests. Dry, little wind and evening sun.

Use 10W from the FT-8900 which coped well with the usual breakthrough. The antenna used was the 7 element portion of an Arrow satellite antenna literrally selotaped to the fishing pole at about 15 foot.

19 qsos on FM , mostly within 50 miles but best dx at 120 miles.

Only took part in the first 30 minutes of the ssb portion of the contest since the temperature became chilly as the sun was setting. 9 qso and havent worked out the distance but EI, GM, GD, GW and G being the dxcc worked. Nothing heard from mainland europe but could hear people working a few DK station.

Definately worthwile the trip out even if could compete with the bigger stations or for the whole time.



Hi Ian,
congratulations on that collection of DXCC.
It used to be a regular occurrence through the summer months that people would be out on summits but I have not worked many SOTA stations this year in the UKAC’s
I don’t think we worked last night - I was on Kinder Scout.
I missed the first half of FM but did stay for all of the SSB section.
A lovely evening, but getting cold / damp towards the end. Not much moon about, so I did need the head torch for some of the return journey.
I may be out again for next September’s contests (2m & 70cm) if the weather is OK and I can identify a summit suitable for a return walk in the dark.


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I did enjoy the evening. The FM portion of the contest seemingly a little more relaxed and the weather was a bonus.

Yes, definatley a little chilly after at about 8:30 and i was only at 179m asl.

Actually been trying to get out in the 2m ones, but the weather hasnt played ball for the last couple. I think september will be my last chance this year as i dont fancy finishing in the dark.