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Nice day in Scotland: GM/CS-108

One of my favourite hills, not very big, not very high, just very nice.

The Beinn a’Ghlo group CS-029, CS-009, CS-003

Deuchary Hill, the summit is the highpoint to the left of the notch.

Beinn a’Ghlo and Loch Odie

Schiehallion CS-005

It was 22.5C when I got back to the car and I am now lobster colour.


Lovely day on Mull too. Will try to get out on to a SOTA summit some time during the week.

73 Colin

Listened out for you but no copy here in vk5.
great photos Andy chees Ian vk5cz …

I was on far too late to take advantage on the propagation windows between VK/GM so I didn’t expect much. The pictures looked nice to me so I thought i’d post them even though I was too tired to write up the activation.

Observations. I tried split on 20m and it caused a little confusion at first, sorry but I want to practice split working and 20m is always very busy for me. Sorry if you missed a chance to work me. I gave up when an RN station started calling CQ TEST on my RX frequency. ODX on 20m CW was N4EX then CU3AA.

17m CW was opening to the US and NE4TN and W2CKL were good signals. I should model my antenna but I think the take-off angle is better on 17m than 20m. I tried 15m and worked SV2NCH and nobody else. After than it was 40m SSB on the WAB net frequency and 40m CW to finish.

I couldn’t self spot reliably so the WAB net was the best place to work 40m SSB as I had a trigpoint a few metres away.

46 QSOs, on 40m, 20m, 17m, 15m and 2m and one of the best days for WX since the Autumn past where we had 5 weeks of excellent weather. No VKs :frowning:

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