Next AM trip by F5AKL & F6ENO

F5AKL Andy and I are planning a SOTA trip starting wednesday september 12th
by F/JU-077, a summit located on our road to Puy St Vincent (dpt 05 and AM Sota region).

We will stay in PSV until thursday 20th. We’ll try many summits if wx is OK, AM-330, 340, 208, 229, 241, 158, 112. We will spotlite.

On friday 21th, for the 29th CDXC convention, we will operate TM8CDX/P (Cliperton DX Club call), F8UFT/P (Union Française des Télégraphistes call) and of course our home call from CR-142, wich is summit of the famous “Montagne Ste Victoire”, painted by Cézanne, Picasso, and Kandinsky.

Frequencies: starting on 7.032-CW, then 10.116-CW.
On CR-142, we will try 145.575-FM and 7.090-SSB but please, be patient with us, we are CW operators and don’t realy know what is a microphone…

Don’t forget that we are 100% QSL.
73 and see you soon !
Alain F6ENO

I confirm Alain’s remarks about SSB.
I’ve not microphones in the shack, only a loudspeaker: open your windows. Hi !
73 QRO,
Andy F5AKL