Newfoundland Association?

Do any of our Canadian friends know if there is work being done to create a new association for Newfoundland? Seems like there are many summits with SOTA potential on Newfoundland. I have a good friend who is moving there in the near future and I would love an opportunity to visit and activate a summit or three. Perhaps the management team can talk tell us about the hurdles one must cross in order to create a new association? Thanks

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As far as I know there is no work being done to create an Association for Newfoundland, but one would be very welcome.

What is needed is a local ham willing to be the Association Manager to contact the MT (we prefer local hams because of their knowledge of local conditions, access etc) and this can be done by clicking on the link at the foot of the Associations list on the website. The AM might work alone or assemble a small team, and together they identify and list the qualifying summits and prepare the Association Reference Manual (ARM) with assistance from the MT.


Brian G8ADD

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Thanks for the response. I reached out to several radio clubs in Newfoundland with the same question and am awaiting a “local” response. Such a rugged land deserves a SOTA association!
Mike W6AH