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Newbie needs some help

Hi all,
Finaly joined up after two years of speaking to many activators around the NW Wales region.

Will I be able to claim any points for previous contacts or just the ones rolling in from today?

Please help


In reply to MW6CRS:

Hi Chris,

You can claim points for any SOTA contacts you have made since the programme started several years ago. I did the same, I’d had many QSO’s with SOTA activators over the past few years but only entered them into the database from around mid 2009 I think.

All you will need to have logged is the date, time, callsign of the activator, & the summit reference. this is the minimum you will need to enter a log in the database.

Welcome to SOTA :slight_smile:


Mark G0VOF

In reply to G0VOF:

Thanks Mark,
Thats good to know!
Another question if you would?
Do I need to log each qso as they come in from now on or will the activators logging to the database automaticaly update my log?

P.s Thanks for the welcome

No. You need to log your own chaser contacts on your own behalf.

Tom M1EYP (Welcome!)

In reply to M1EYP:

Thanks for clearing that up for me Tom!



In reply to MW6CRS:

Chris, in case you’ve not yet found the rules and guidelines to SOTA, here is something for you to read.



In reply to MM0FMF:
Hello and welcome.
Hope you are going to enjoy all this SOTAing.
It can become a bit addictive however :slight_smile:

In reply to MW6CRS:
Hi Chris,
It was a pleasure to work you yesterday and give you your first chaser point.
Yes , you can log previous contacts and they will appear in chronological order.
Drop us an e-mail if you fancy a chat about SOTA ( address on QRZ.com )or I can catch up with you at the club meetings
Cheers , from Aled.