Newbie from wiltshire

Sign up for sms spotting Matt. A quick search on here should point you in the right direction (alias Andy MM0FMF)

Well done on getting started with a local hill, Matt.

I have found this essential as the signal is so poor on many summits that the web-pages just take forever and then you do not know if it has worked.
Also you can register more than one phone and carry a cheap phone with a different provider.
Hope to catch you on air.

Also had problems spotting! Not sure that all the networks all cope well with a hilltop location. Try - Restarting Phone, moving slightly to one side of the hill and restarting phone - or use the text gateway - Andy is the expert on that! Link below!

Good Luck!

The kit worked well even though bag seemed heavy once on back hardly knew was there . I have fully charged my battery and going out again shortly to operate 2 in G/SW as its a nice day .

I have signed uo for sms and the confimation email i only got later last night .

Can someone give me an example on what to type on a text please .


Full details here Matt:

So for example:

! G SE001 145.450 fm CQ

The ! saves you typing your call sign (and even applies UK nations as necessary).

Worth putting up an alert for those Matt.

Yes i should of put an alert but i did not know what time it take to climp to activation zone . But both done well and on the 1st activation i got 4 summit to summits.

Mow how do i put that in the log ? Do i only get 1 summit to summit points for only 1 of the stations then then all 4 points as a chaser ?


Have you read the rules yet? The rules explain how the basic SOTA scoring works and have links to follow that take you how the later awards are scored. You’ll fine a line of blue links to all sorts of SOTA websites and pages at the top of every thread. SOTA Home is the link you need, followed by Joining In on that new site.

There’s a bit to read but depsite our aims to keep everything simple, the programme keeps expanding and so do the rules.

Then, enter all your QSOs and the DB will give you your activation score, chaser score and S2S score.

Yes i have read the rues but there is alot to take in and remember .

I have submitted 2 logs and went through fine , and am just about to input the s2s and the chaser log


There is.

You get a :+1: for reading the rules.

You’d be surprised how many people never bother or stop after a few pages.

Hi Matt,
If you have entered two logs and you used the web interface, one would have been all your contacts as an activator - your “activator log”. The second would be entering just the S2S contacts you made, for which you use the Chaser log input panels but tick the S2S box and enter your summit reference. There should be no third log to enter.

On the SMS point, you can enter the SMS text manually however there are several Apps that allow you to type in the info needed for a spot and then say whether the App should try to send via the Internet connection or SMS.

73 Ed.

Correct Ed , well 3 logs as an activator for 3 summits , and 1 log as a chaser s2s which i gained 20 points for that , 1 i could not use as was a double on the same summit for the same day .

Regarding the sms am i correct saying the n umber is - 07903 533046 and i would just type in my callsign a space on space ref number space and any comments .

73 2E0FGX

Hi Matt,
There are several SMS gateways for SOTA Spots around the world (Austria, Itlay, Hungary, Spain, North America, Australia, UK). The most useful for you will be the UK one (the number you have is correct) but note that until you register your mobile phone number with Andy MM0FMF your SMS messages will not get into the system (this is to stop SMS SPAM).

73 Ed DD5LP.

Hi Matt

Thanks for the s2s yesterday…looking forward to the next one. Welcome to SOTA.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Hi Matt

I was very pleased to see you were going to be operating on 2m fm as I only use 2m and 70cm and I hope we’d get a s2s some time. I didn’t have to wait very long did I? Thanks for the contact from Beacon Batch (SC-003) yesterday when I was on GW/SW-003 ( (NOT on GW/SW-010 just testing!) - and for working M0JLA as well. I did hope that it might be a complete (have you found that page yet??) but I had already chased it a couple of time … but I’m still needing 8 out of the 13 summits :wink:

Hope you enjoy your SOTA - especially when the sun shines like yesterday!
73 Viki M6BWA

Hello Alan .

No problem , i had just set up my coaxal dipole and turned radio on and heard vikki ,so i qsy to the freq and 3 s2s and a short while later i found james M0JCQ . so 4 s2s on my second activation. The activation from Long Knoll near warminster was a bit more challenging was there for a hour and a half , but we got enough contacts in the end .

73 Matt 2E0FGX

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Hi Viki , im sure you was on GW/SW-003 as recall you comenting we was both on 003 . Sorry what is the complete all about ? No i have not stumbled upon that page yet .

I will be mainly operating on 2m , yes i can do hf but my hf operating is done portable near the car or a short walk , a yaesu 891 is a lovley rig but a bit weighty :wink:

Enjoy future activations , i shall be out next weekend hopefully .
73 Matt 2E0FGX

Hi Matt.

Just to put your mind at rest, Viki was on GW/SW-003 when you had the s2s with her. She has made a typing error as she was on GW/SW-010 very much later in the afternoon.

73 Allan

Hi Alan ,

just as i thought .

73 Matt , 2E0FGX

Hi Matt. Sorry about the tryping error but I am glad your eagle eyes noted it. A ‘complete’ is when you have both activated and chased a particular summit and you will find a table listing activators and their numbers of completes in the database. The chase does not have to be from another summit but a few people only submit chases from a summit (ie s2s) - including me as I only operate from summits and not from the QTH (unless I hear a desperate activator locally…) hence I still have a lot of my activated summits still to chase - especially in the Lake District as I am not within VHF range very often. I am glad to see your s2s points are piling up!
73 Viki M6BWA

Thanks Viki , and great thanks for explaining that to me . My home QTH is swindon so working my way out on those 1 point ones first and after a few more weekends of gathering 1 points per summit i think im going to venture down to exmoor, un decided yet if going down to cornwall to claim a few 1 point activations is worth it but i could make a long weekend of it .

Guess you just use a VHF handie ?

73 Matt 2E0FGX