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New Years Day S2S Activations

Sounds like a huge total weight in your rucksack for all these batteries and panel! Is the summit a short easy walk?

Well that seemed to be like the S2S fun of old - 65 QSOs, 240 S2S points for me, although jet lag limited me to a nearby 4 pointer rather than a 3 hour drive for a 10 pointer. Lots of people out, and a number of new callsigns in the log. What was that about declining activity and declining propagation? :smiley:


Great day out on the summit folks. Thanks for all the S2S Hugh and I made and all the ones we missed from being tied up in the pile ups and not able to chase around at the same time. Not sure how many were actually on summits at the same time but judging by the Spots and Alerts list of vk stations it was full bore SOTA around UTC roll over. Nice and cool on se-016 today even had some misty rain to dampen my log page and got a tick of approval from the park ranger who stopped to see what we were up to. Thanks to all the chasers.
vk5cz …

Bonfire Hill is a drive up summit although a very steep rough 4WD track to get there. There is room to set up a tent or awning for camping in and as a radio shack away from the vehicle.
Due to the length of operating time use the solar panel and SLA as mentioned as a charging source and pray for a sunny day.
It would be very difficult to do such a long event at a long walk up taking rucksack with all food camping gear and radio unless there are some helpful volunteers to help lug piles of batteries.

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Certainly a frenzied epic at times, a feast of cw contacts with much changing of bands and modes to keep up.
There was a large electrical storm up north in Queensland and out at sea which really made for continual static crashes throughout the whole event.
Not much dx despite many attempts over a number of bands which was a disappointment. I tried for a S2S on 2M with VK2GPL at Mt Canobolas, however Sam’s radio was desensed out by the powerful T.V transmitters at Canobolas and Sam could not hear me.
Saw a spot for 2m SSB and heard some SSB op’s talking but with my 2M H/Held was out of the running.
There is not much 2M activity west of the Blue Mountains so the opportunity was missed.
Weather was very hot at first, march flies out in force for a while until a cool easterly change came in which made for a mist shrouded campsite for the evening.

A great time had and hope to see everyone again out for the next S2S event.

There was enough activity that you prompted 2 new VK registrations on the DB this morning!

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Yes, I heard some callsigns putting up spots for summits that I had not heard before which is a good thing.

There was so many activations going flat out I could hardly keep up at times and know I missed a few.