New Years Day S2S Activations

Hello everyone Its times again to be out on a summit gathering points or in your shack chasing for points on New Years Morning here in Australia. I find it a good opportunity to get that low scoring summit many kilometres away from home done and gain double points for the one visit. Make sure it is safe to do so of course working around the heat and fire danger in this dry old land. Hope to work many S2S and chasers on the day so please Alert if you intend to give it a go.
Ian vk5cz …


Hope to be out on Mt.Cooke VK6/SW-031, one I haven’t activated in 2017. Going to have to be an early start around 4:00 am local if I want to get there before the UTC deadline. The 31st Dec is my son’s 21st birthday too. Luckily he does not want a party and we have planned a meal out in the New Year to celebrate.

Going to try a different route to the summit, which will hopefully get me there on time. Just be bringing the KX2 and some easy antenna setup. Be good to get on the air again after a very busy end to 2017 for me with the sale of our house and moving to a new QTH in early February planned. Hoping for more more activity in 2018.

Hopefully hear you on the bands 31st and 1st. :slight_smile:

John VK6NU

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I should be up Pureora ZL1/WK-024 for utc new years. Hope to work you S2S.


I’ll be on a summit in VK3/NE. Not sure which yet, maybe Mitta Mitta or nearby. When I have that sorted out with those with me I’ll alert.

Update: The social committee has met and we may be 650KM to the East, but I’ll definately be somewhere I am told.


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Ian, I will be somewhere. Possibly VK3/VN-029 or maybe VT-006 / VT010?

Slowly getting a roll up, Hope wx is suitable for everyone.

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I’ll hopefully be on Mt Stirling VK3/VE-011

Attempted it last NYE but tree down blocked access.

Given the recent storms, I hope it’s not deja vu.


EDIT: Cancelled due to illness.

Might get out to a peak closer to home… otherwise, will just be chasing.

Have a great time all… weather is looking pretty good.



I’m planning to be on a summit near or in vk1 for pre and post UTC 0000.


Hi All,

Compliments of the season.
I hope to be on Passage Peak (Hamilton Island) VK4/CW242. First time to be activated.
This could be a challenge.

Shall rustle up a summit somewhere and considering a overnight campout biting march flies and snakes not with standing.

Less see some good dx conditions for a change !

Cheers, Wal VK2WP

Alerts are out for VK3/VT-010 over the roll over. Will activate VK3/VT-006 prior to NY and again afterwards.Intend to camp out for 2 nights.

Have alerted for Bonfire Hill VK2/CT-006 a bit of a noise free favourite of mine although a rough drive to get there.
Will camp overnight and if all goes well may start the activation the evening before to see if any dx is about.
Taking all the batteries and charger I have.


Hi all

I will be operating from South Black Range VK2/ST-006 starting at 8 am (2100 UTC) for the VHF Dx Net operating on 2m and 23cm. Grid Square QF44SN, 40 km south-east of Canberra GPO at 1263 metres ASL.

At 2230 UTC I will change to HF and remain on the summit for UTC change.

The main feature at South Black Range VK2/ST-006, is a house size granite tor featuring a stone trig station on top. :slight_smile:

73, Andrew VK1AD

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Good roll up again, Hugh is coming with me as well and we are expecting a visitor for his first SOTA activation.
Ian vk5cz …

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I [VK5WTF] am planning on going up Mt Lofty, VK5/SE-005 with Dave [VK5FFAU]. I’ve spotted for 2300, but want to try and get there 2230. 7, 21, 28 & 144 for Dave and I; and 14 for me.

What charger is this? I have tried camping out a couple of nights on SOTA expeditions before, but have struggled to keep everything powered! My Tracer 16Ah portable battery has improved things greatly, but a lightweight portable charging option would still be useful. I’ve tried pocket solar chargers before, but they’re not really effective.

Nice pick! I’m driving past it today on the way up to Mt Canobolas VK2/CT-001 for the night and Monday mornings roll over. We should be able to S2S with a wet noodle from VK2/CT-006.

I’ll probably start operating well before the rollover, only things on the agenda is breakfast :stuck_out_tongue:

As I usually run QRP or say 10W from the KX3 am taking a few 12v cordless drill batteries as well as a 8400mA and 4200mA LiFe batteries.

Have been surprised how long the 1.2A cordless drill batteries will run the KX3 at low power.

Only use the 45W P.A for DX and the 8400mA LiFe will run this for a few hours before a recharge.

As they run down pop them on a Turnigy ACCUCELL6 charger run off a 20A SLA and solar panel.

The weather forecast is for sunny weather so should be able to squeak by.

Now I know someone is in the area shall take a 2M handheld and J Pole. Do you have 2M ?, should breeze a simplex contact from Mt Canobolas.

146.500MHz is the normal simplex frequency.

Edit: shall listen out on 146.5 as long as the batteries hold out, think there is some sort of VHF dx contest going on in any case.
May pick up a contact or two with a bit of luck.

Yup, I’ll be up on 2M with either a 5/8 vertical or failing that I’ll pack my Arrow 4el yagi for some VHF fun. Wasn’t aware of the contest, that should be fun!