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New Website

I’ve pushed the SOTAcluster and SMS spotters over to using these updated addresses. My tests suggests everything is working but mail me and mm0fmf AT hotmail.com if you see cluster or SMS issues.

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Is there any specific advice for those who are screen-scaping SOTAwatch? (Other than “Don’t”, which will have to await publication of the new API).

My guess is that the change you’re about to do doesn’t affect www.sotawatch.org at all but thought it worth checking.

Martyn M1MAJ

It should be fine for some time. It’s just a replacement website that is happening atm. I will be deprecating the Summit lists/search, etc in SW in favour of the new website. But that won’t affect spots, etc.

There is a new version of SOTAwatch coming down the road. But by the time it hits the API should be out of beta and starting to mature. Even then I could keep the old version running for a while if necessary.

I see that the new look Web site now appears (for me) at www.sota.org.uk


Propably I have chosen the wrong point in time. But for me clicking the “Spot!” or “Get URL” ends up in

The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Seems the links for the buttons were not updated.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

I’ve been looking at the new Web site at www.sota.org.uk and found very nice the look change.
73 de Guru

Hi Jon,
Could you possibly move the quick links to other sites from the online resources page to the home page please? If using sota.org.uk as a gateway to the other sites, as I advise people to do, it’s better if the links are on the home page.


Very impressed with the new web site. Nice and clean and very user friendly. The online resources page is especially impressive. A grand piece of work, well done all involved.


Sorry about that … this should now be fixed.

73, Jon

Yes, I can see why this might be useful. Leave it with me.

73, Jon

I just noticed that the Summits tab is missing from the top of the SOTAWatch homepage. Also, when highlighting the summit in a spot , personal activate/chase history is also missing. Is this an issue related to the transition to the new website?

Rich N4EX

After further examination, I am noticing a combination of formats when highlighting the summit on a SOTAwatch spot: W4C/US-022: “classic view”, VE6/RA-034: “classic view” with my chaser history, G/SP-013: new look with no chaser history,

Rich N4EX

This will be built into the new website soon.

You can still access the old SOTAwatch summit lists if you need to in the interim: http://www.sotawatch.org/summits.php

I hope the link will return to the New Sotawatch page as this is the main page I, and I imagine many others, have up.

However, everything is looking really good - well done great job so far.


And the Recent Info link has gone - it is still available at http://www.sotawatch.org/summitinfo.php
It is a useful link to get latest summit info updates - well up to 50 anyhow

Just noticed when you go into spot and watch the sotas appear and you tap onto the sota ref. Its page of info comes up and spotted lack of information how many times you have worked that sota before.

Is this a new thing shame if is nice to tape on the Sota ref and the information in full pops up But the new page is softer on the eye.


Hi Karl,

I noticed the same thing, so tried logging in to the new system. It wouldn’t accept
my ‘old’ logon, and I saw that the password for the new system requires at least 7
characters including 1 non-alphanumeric character, so I created a new password.
It would then let you enter your coordinates ( I haven’t done this yet) which would give
you the bearings of the summits.I’m very puzzled why I can only get into the database
using the old logon so perhaps Its me, as I am useless with computers

Kind regards

Dave G0ELJ

The old SOTA website didn’t have any accounts for users.
You couldn’t log in because there was nothing to log in to.
The new SOTA website does have accounts for users.
As you didn’t have an account before on the old website, it can’t be moved to the new one.
Therefore you have to create a new account.

The SOTA website www.sota,org,uk is not the reflector (the web site you are reading now) and is not the database where your activation and chaser logs live and is not SOTAwatch where spots and alerts live. The fact there are 4 does cause confusion.

4 websites == 4 accounts. You can set the accounts have the same username&password if you want but there are reasons why that is often not a good idea.

Why we have 4 websites (and accounts) is consequence of how the services were created in the past. It would be nice to have unified logins so your account is good for all sites. We’re not there yet.

Go back and read the third comment before yours Karl, from Jon GM4ZFZ.

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The new website is a great improvement over the old one, both in the looks and functionality. Thanks to Jon GM4ZFZ and everyone else involved, job well done.

I noticed a minor problem, which might be further down on the to-do list - or not yet there. The times for sunrise and sunset are off, at least for the summits in the SP/BZ association, which I happen to inhabit (the association, not the summits, to be precise). For instance the sun has already set (it is 15:07 UTC) as I am writing this, but the page for my closest summit tells the sunset is still more than 1 hour away, at 16:29 UTC. The sunrise time is also off, but just by a few minutes.
The old sotawatch summit info page had (still has) correct sunrise and sunset times. I am only bothering you with this, because with the limited time I have for activations, I often schedule them early or late in the day. That’s why I got used to rely on the summit info page for timing my ascents and descents, I am afraid of darkness, you see :grinning:

Do we need to register again to use the new website? It will not accept my existing Sotawatch userid and password.

I am very confused by the multiplicity of websites now. There seems to be no way to get from the “new” SOTA website to the Sotawatch pages, or to the Database, or to the reflector.

P.S. Just found it! They are accessible via the “Online Resources” tab!

Walt (G3NYY)