New Website Summits Pages - External links populating

Thanks to the MT backroom boys (I think this is down to Jon GM4ZFZ) for populating the old external links from the old to the new summits pages and allowing new links to be added, such as on this one below. I like the more modern presentation on the new summits pages, well done - work much appreciated.

73 Phil

Link to summits page for G/NP-032

About 10 days ago, the situation was that new links can be attached to the new website but not the old. I presume this is to avoid having to transfer all the old links across again (which seems very reasonable).


Very nice and neat Phil. Is it just me but when I chose the Google Earth link it went to GM/CS-013
David M0YDH

HI David

Well my link from Cracoe Fell to Google Earth took me to GM/CS-012 (not CS-013) as does the Google Earth link to Cross Fell NP-001. I think the summits pages are still a work in progress for Jon.

73 Phil

I see more progress has been made on the new summits pages - your own chases and now latterly your activations (which were missing until recently) are showing on each individual summit page - fine business job.

73 Phil


G/TW Summits Page