New W6 Shack Sloth KN6CCW

Congratulations to Ken KN6CCW, who has now exceeded 1000 Chaser Points.
Jeff, K6QCB


congratulations to ken kn6ccw km6cem

Congrat’s Ken …nice job

Thanks. But I know there over 1,000 other chasers ahead of me worldwide. So although I am happy I am still humbled.

As I got close I was at 993 points with 2 activators on the alerts left to do. One was a friend, W6AH, so I thought he would be fitting for me to have a friend help get over the 1000 points. But he cancelled so that left KD5ZZK whom I don’t hear every time. Sure enough KD5ZZK spots 40 m and I don’t hear him. So I wait. He spots on 20m and I still don’t hear him. Bummer I was thinking until KY7K spots on 20m!!! I have heard him and made contact with him on all 3 peaks that day. Bingo! On my second call he comes back on an 8 point peak and that took me over the 1000 point threshold.

I’d like to thank all my friends and activators…without you going up on the peaks there would be no reason to chase.


Congratulations, Ken!!! Welcome to Slothdom!
Martha W0ERI

Going thru your first thousand is a big milestone, Chasing to this point takes some effort, but certainly worth it. All the best Ken and keep on chasing. 72 de Scotty

Thank You!!

Congratulations, Ken!

congratulations ken