New VK2 Mountain Goat: Russ VK2BJP

Yesterday afternoon (local time) saw Russ activating 3 summits along Eskdale Spur in NE Victoria. The final summit was Mount Tawonga VK3/VE-076, which took him to MG.

Well done Russ: only 137 summits to reach the critical goal. A smattering of Winter Bonus points helped. All but a dozen (at a quick count) summits were in VK3, predominantly in the NE region - not surprising given that Russ lives in Albury, just of the border.

Hearty congratulations! Good to see you back on air after a break.

Peter VK3PF


Well Done Russ


Congratulations, Russ!
Great to work you on Mountain Goat Day.

Gerard - VK2IO

Thx everyone, it was a very ordinary day for conditions, when I could hear a chaser it was amongst heavy qsb, possibly the worst conditions I’ve experienced whilst activating.
On the bright side I managed goahood and worked ZL2ATH under trying conditions.

It helps when you live an hour from the heart of some of the highest and most numerous summits in VK.

A big thankyou to the chasers who stuck with it yesterday, and to the many chasers/activators I’ve worked over the last couple of years.

               Best 73  Russ VK2BJP

Good work Russ, you’ve been hard to hear and work in recent conditions. Glad you made it.

73 Andrew VK1dA/2uh

Congratulations Russ, I knew it was pretty close.
Well done and many thanks for numerous S2Ss.
Andrew VK1MBE

Congratulations Russ,welcome al club…


Congratulations Russ!
Pleased to have been a contact on the day.