New video EC2AG EA2/BI-062 Berreaga




hi antonio,

thank you for the video. it’s nice to hear that qso from the “other side” again :smile:

did the first activation with my new ft-817 and it seems to be doing a fine job!

73 martin, oe5reo/p

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Thanks Antonio for the S2S from Northern Ireland (GI/MM-005)
73 David

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Thanks for the contact yesterday, you were a really strong signal here - 5-9 +10 to 20db after the previous days conditions on 20m, I was blown away by your signal strength! Did you say you were only using the FT817?

73 Ed.

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If Mr. ED, only Yaesu 817, 817 + COUPLER single band dipole antenna autoconstruido 20M, deputy team photo


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