New version SPOTmySOTA v.3.2 is out!

Hi folks,

I have just compiled the last version of SPOTmySOTA for Android.

What’s new in this release 3.2 ?

  • Better inferface with a more neutral picture as background
  • Bigger size fonts on inserted data for better reading
  • 4 memory buttons added for Comments field, configurable from the CONFIG menu.
  • Scrollable screens to avoid the keyboard

No need to uninstall previous version of SPOTmySOTA.

Available for free download at:

Enjoy it!

73 de Iñigo EA2CQ


Thanks a lot Iñigo.
73 de EA2BDS


will there be a newer version of SPOTmySOTA? There are a few things that need to be changed:

  • Sending a Spot via Internet does not work any more
  • The telephone number of HA-SMS-Spot has changed to +36 30 346 4139
  • There is a new Italian SMS-Spot service with the number +39 36 628 845 98
  • Using Android 5.1 it is not possible to change the language from Spanish to English (worked on previous Android versions)

Another suggestion for Inigo:
Maybe in the future you can write a short info about the version-number or/and the release-date on your website? That way it will be much easier for users to find out if there is a new version of “SpoMySOTA” available.

For better understanding what I mean, here is a screenshot:

Hopefully these changes will be implemented in a future version of this really helpful tool

73 Martin, OE5REO

It appears that installing version 3.2 adds itself to the phone without first removing v 3.1 - hence there are two “spotmySota” objects with the same name. Going to Apps in settings however, there is only one, hence I suspect after installing v 3.2 it is not possible to de-install v 3.1.

I can change from Spanish to English without an issue on Android 5.0 so it appears that problem only ocuurs if you have upgraded to v5.1


hi ed,

thanks for answering. just deleted the app on my phone and installed it again … problem with the language still existing. and now i also noticed that is not possible to switch between the modes (ssb/cw/fm/…) and the sms servers (ea/ha/uk/usa). so all of the “drop-down-menues” don’t seem to work on android 5.1!?

on my old phone (android 2.?) it worked without problems.

73 martin, oe5reo

Confirming that those functions work under Android 5.0, but … In the translation to English the EXIT button is still labelled SALIR which I presume is Spanish for EXIT?

Android 5.0 was (in my personal opinion) a step back from v 4.4 - looks like 5.1 is a step back from 5.0 (and I think 6.0 has been released now!).


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Hi Ed, you’re right “Salir” means “Exit”.

Martin, I sent a phone message to EA2CQ to let him know about the request on this thread and he will probably answer here soon.
73 de Ignacio

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I have been on 6 for what seems like a couple of months now. One major improvement in 6 is the reduced power consumption with therefore extended battery life. On my phone when not really using it for anything, just there to respond if called, I might use up a bit less than 10% in a whole day. Considering all aspects, for me 6 has been a real step forward.

Hi Jim,

Android 5.0 had major power saving features over 4.0 but to do that, it put the phone in standby after only a few seconds (VERY annoying), I had to add a third party app to keep the screen until I chose to turn it off as the OS feature could not be disabled.

It would be interesting to see if SpotmySota 3.2 runs better on Android 6.0 than the problems it apparently has on 5.1 (but no problems on 5.0) ?


Android 6 (in CyangogenMod 13 flavour) has just arrived today for my phone. A colleague has rushed off to install it as he has the same phone as me (Wileyfox Swift) so I shall see how it gets on before I hit the button!