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New VE2 Mountain Goat today: VE2DDZ


Cheers! Malcolm VE2DDZ is now activating VE2/LR-019 and at the same time becoming a new Montain Goat here in VE2 land ! Nice achievement and congrats from all of us …

Pierre VE2PID


Just worked Malcolm on CW. Congratulations sir, on getting your Mountain Goat today! Now Canada has 2 Goats. Thanks for all the Sota contacts. 73 and Merci. de Scotty KG3W


Listening on the bands for your next 1,000.
Best, Ken



I just contacted you on 20M!

You exhibited your usual great skill in doing repeats so we could have a real contact through the QSB.

We have also had some amazing S2S contacts over considerable distances, mostly because you’ve stuck with me through the noise and QSB, until we have it in the log. It’s a pleasure to hear you getting MG today as the rain falls steadily here this soggy day!

You’re one of the best!




Congratulations Malcolm on your MG achievement today.Good luck.
73 Don G0RQL.


Congratulations, Malcolm, As well as your new Mountain Goat status, you also top the Summit-to-summit list for the whole of Canada. Clearly you stay on the summits, work the bands and modes for anyone who wants to talk to you, and pull the weak signal out of the noise. Way to go!



Congrats, Malcolm!


Congrats Malcom ! :wink:



Congratulations Malcolm on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY


Congratulations, Malcolm! I have you in the log many times and was honored to catch you on your Mountain Goat day.

73, Ron


Glad to work you today! Congratulations on Mountain Goat!
73, Walt


Many congratulations Malcolm on joining the herd. You are one of the few activators that I have worked S2S across the pond. I hope we can have many more such contacts when conditions improve - a while yet I suspect!

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK


Thanks for the S2S today, and the many other QSOs! Congratulations on your MG achievement!

Peter KD0YOB


Congrats Malcolm - delighted to have worked you on this summit on your MG day!


Thanks all for your kind words.

I am delighted to reach the Mountain Goat level. When it looked like it might be possible, I set the goal for myself of MG before I turned 60 years old and I have made it with about six weeks to spare :slight_smile:.

I do like staying on the radio for a couple of hours from the summit and working all the callers possible. A few of my side goals for activations are working a minimum number of chasers, working some DX, and working some S2S. Indeed I was collecting S2S contacts before they were a recognized category in SOTA and I was a little disappointed that the S2S I have from before 2013 aren’t recognized for S2S points (I got over that quickly :slight_smile:) .

That’s another reason why I’m happy to “get my goat”. Activation points were becoming a little too important in my planning. So I’m looking forward to reemphasizing my other goals like S2S, DX, going places I’ve never been before, learning new operating modes, building equipment, and so on. I told my wife today that I am not done with SOTA and she replied “I knew that already”.

Thanks to everyone for all the contacts, all the enthusiasm, all the fun I’ve had from SOTA. I will see you on the air.

73, Malcolm VE2DDZ


Congratulations Malcolm! Great accomplishment!

I didn’t realize when we worked yesterday that you qualified for MG on that summit or I would have congratulated you on the air!. I’ve enjoyed our many contacts over the years (going back to Mar, 2012). The propagation hasn’t always been kind to us but you’ve always been patient with repeats and pulling my QRP signal out.

I look forward to working you again soon on another summit!

Randy, ND0C


Congrats Malcolm! I looked for you on 40m and 20 m yesterday hoping we could have an S2S contact but could not hear you. Glad you got the points though. Welcome to the herd!
Mike NS1TA


Congratulations! That is a great achievement.


Great job Malcolm, thanks for all the activations and chaser points!
73 and GL


This got past us, but want to add our late congrats to you.
Merle & Herm