New unique EA2/NV-085 by EA2IF/P & EA2EEB on 21-06

By pure coincidence Juan Carlos and I focused on activating a new unique EA2/NV-085 today. When I was just about to arrive home with my car yesterday evening I copied a weak signal on 2m-FM and I heard a ham saying he was thinking on activating Mount Uroa. That was exactly the mount I had planned to activate this morning. What a coincidence!
As soon as I got home, I looked into Sotawatch and saw the alert from Juan Carlos - EA2EEB for an activation of Mount Uroa on 2m-FM today.
I searched for his e-mail on and wrote him a message telling him that I was planning to activate that same summit today and we may do a joint activation as long as he wouldn’t mind to. So we exchanged phone numbers, called to each other and agreed to meet this morning in the small village of Nagore for that joint activation. Once we met this morning in Nagore, we continued in my car up to a smaller village called Uritz and then to a higher and almost abandonned one called Espotz.
We took a dirt road up from Espotz and drove for a few hundreds of meters before parking the car at the side of the dirt road.
After a comfortable ascent of about 30-40 minutes, we reached the summit and started the joint activation on 2m - FM with Santi - EA2BSB as our first chaser.
Juan Carlos continued on 2m and I QSYed to 30m CW.
My 1st QSO on 30m was with G0VOF and I’ve seen now that he immediately spotted me, so thank you very much for that.
After the spot, the pile up growed quickly and I enjoyed a great run of 24 QSOs between 8:14 and 8:28. Other stations followed after that but at a slower pace, one by one without any more pile ups.
I was called by HB9BCB/P at HB/OW-024 for S2S QSO on 30m and I called him later again for S2S on 20m.
Other S2S QSOs were
on 2m-FM with EC2AG/P at EA2/SS-031
on 20m-CW with HB9AFI/P at HB/BE-082
on 2m-FM with EA2DYS/P at EA2/NV-001 and
on 2m-FM with EA2DYM/P at EA2/NV-052
I worked manly on 30m-CW but I also worked a few chasers on 20m and 40m-CW, plus some on 2m-FM.
It was very nice to meet Juan Carlos and his XYL Teresa.
We had good fun and enjoyed a lot the great day with blue sky and very warm temperatures.
Thank you very much to all chasers and I’ll be looking forward to working you again soon.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

In reply to EA2IF:

Hi Guru,

Thank you for the QSO on 30m CW & you are more than welcome to the spot :slight_smile:

Thank you for the first activation of the summit, I look forward to working you again very soon :slight_smile:

Thanks & very best 73,

Mark G0VOF

In reply to EA2IF:

Thanks Juancar and Guru by S2S QSOs …

EC2AG Antonio