New Triangular SOTA activation on VHF

If WX allows this Saturday 9th of July a new triangular activation will be done in North Spain.
Similar initiatives had been undertaken in the past but this time at least three expeditions will be giving a full SOTA coverage to EA2 from three different directions.

At 10:00utc, as planned operators expect to be activating three peaks towering more than 2000 meters at the same time. The first is Espigüete , EA1/ PL-002 & loc:IN72ow, 2nd one Hiru Erregeen Mahaia, EA2/NV-001 & loc:IN92pw and 3rd one Urbion, EA1/SO-002 & loc:IN82na.

We are sure that this kind of event will increase the activity on this band creating a greater positive impact into the area. Also this is an especial way to thank all usual Chasers and their fidelity offering 30points at the same time.

Looking forward to hearing you from the summits, 73s.


Dear Inaki -

Triangles are good, but how about a ten point ‘star?’ We did this for the 2014 Portland, Oregon Urban Summit-to-Summit Party.

K7NIT did a nice ‘map’ of all the QSOs (below) - it was great fun!


Dear Etienne,
Really it was a good start and also a fine challenge for the future if all activator were able to contact together doing s2s. At this time, we are trying to link these three summits on VHF-FM overcoming the distance of 333km from one of its longer sides and an average of 190km on the other sides. We’ll keep in touch, 73s de Inaki