New to SOTA from the Andes summits in Peru

Hello everyone.
Greetings from the Andes summits in Peru, South America.
It will be great to activate the Andean mountains and get QSOs with you all.
Hope to hear you soon.
Kind regards


Hello Anibal and welcome! We look forward to hearing your signals from the Andes!

Paul K9PM

Bienvenido, Anibal:
Estaremos encantadísimos de ver nacer la primera asociación SOTA del Perú para poder cazarte cuando hagas tus activaciones SOTA desde vuestras cimas de los Andes.
Mientras no haya nacido la primera asociación SOTA en Perú, no podrás activar cimas SOTA porque vuestras cimas de los Andes no estarán aún catalogadas en el programa SOTA y no tendrán todavía asignada una referencia SOTA, pero sí que desde cualquier momento, desde ahora mismo puedes participar en el programa SOTA como cazador, contactando con activadores en todo el mundo y cargando en la base de datos SOTA todos los QSOs que realices con activadores SOTA de cualquier lugar del mundo.
Tendrás que registrarte en la base de datos SOTA para poder empezar a subir tus QSOs de cazador SOTA ahora y más adelante los log de activador, una vez que la primera asociación SOTA del Perú haya sido creada.
Esperamos seguir leyendote en este Reflector.


Welcome, Anibal,
We will be very pleased to see the birth of the first SOTA association in Peru to be able to chase you when you’ll carry out your SOTA activations from your Andes summits.
As long as the 1st SOTA association in Peru is not yet born, you won’t be able to activate SOTA summits in the Andes because they won’t be yet listed and therefore they will not yet have a SOTA reference, but you can at any moment, even right now, take part in the SOTA programme as a chaser, making contacts with activators and uploading to the database all the QSOs you had made with SOTA activators from anywhere in the world.
You’ll have to register yourself to the SOTA database in order to be able to upload your chaser QSOs now and your activator logs later, once the Peru association had been created.
We look forward to reading from you on this Reflector.


Welcome on board, Anibal.

One day, I hope to have a transatlantic, transcontinental, and transequatorial QSO with you, old man.

Best 73’s!

Zoran / E70AA

There are about 10000 possible SOTA summits for Peru.

Thanks Zoran. For sure that QSO will happen soon


Yes, or even more.
I hope to activate as many as possible.
There are some especial and meaningful ones which are sacred places for the local Andean communities

Thanks Guru
The first Peru SOTA Association will be active soon.
I have started working on it.
I will start chasing this weekend.

Greetings from the Andes


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Thanks Paul
It will happen soon. Andean signals on the air


Dear Guru
Hello again.
I have tried to register in the SOTA Database.
Have filled up the boxes with my info, but there is one box to select an association. The Peru SOTA Association does not exist yet.
To register in the SOTA Database and start to work as a chaser do I need to be member of an association?

Thank you


Anibal, check out this topic: Association XXX - #8 by SQ9PND

It worked!
I’m already in.

Thanks a lot


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Hi Anibal,
As Zoran recommended and you have successfully found out, when anyone from a country or area not yet having an existing SOTA association wants to start participating in the SOTA program, the option imagen must be selected at registering in the SOTA database.

What a great news that you are already working in the backstage with the MT in order to have the Peru SOTA association ready soon.

I can’t wait to start trying to chase you in those amazing great summits.



I’m very happy to read that the establishment of the SOTA program is also planned for Peru and that OA4KJ agrees to take on this project, thanks Anibal… But now, after the last post on this topic over a year ago, I wonder how far the idea of setting up a new association for OA has progressed, as I plan to travel to Peru for April next year to go there and to activate some mountains… Perhaps Anibal may publish his previous work on that required ARM and the collected summit data in a repository (e.g. git), so that the SOTA community can support helping him to write an ARM and a SOTA association can be formed in OA… I would be very happy if I could activate the first summits in April next year…

73 de Bjørn, DL7RAY aka KN7RAY aka G7RAY

Hi Bjørn,

We’re not able to report much progress with OA associations. There is a basic problem (as with many places) of limited availability of topo maps. We do have other South American associations at various stages of development.

Looking forward to it. had the opportunity to visit your lovely country a few years back.


Kent k9EZ

Hi Simon,
thanks for your prompt reply… I’ve found a large list of free downloadable topo maps for Peru in the net from the U.S. Defense Mapping Agency, which are at

I don’t know whether these maps meet your requirements, but all of the topo maps are created in the mid-1990s, are in 1:100,000 scale and include many natural and man-made features…

73 de Bjørn, DL7RAY aka KN7RAY aka G7RAY

Yes, the UTexas archive can be very useful. I’m using some of theirs for a couple of associations right now. But IIRC the OA maps were not so useful due to limitations of coverage or contour interval or both. OA does have national mapping, but it’s a question of getting hold of it. We have a fall-back of combining multiple digital elevation models for a “best guess”, but especially for somewhere with a very high density of summits it’s not very attractive, with the prospect of having to re-do lots of it in the future once better sources become available.

1:50000 is really the practical upper limit, and 1:25k preferable.