New to group and first SOTA activation

Just signed up to the group. I hope to activate W1/HA-110 (Mount Creasent) this weekend (Sat afternoon, Nov 14th) using 20 meter SSB at about 5 watts pep with MP1 vertical. Forcast is for overcast sky with temps in the mid 40’s F (7-8C) A little too chilly for CW, but will likely take a back up CW rig along.

Mt Creasent is a moderate 2 mile hike with mostly wooded summit. The 4000 footers with exposed summits will have to wait until the summer time!

73, Steve KD1JV
In the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

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Hi Steve

Welcome to SOTA and I’m sure you will find plenty of folks listening hard for you. …especially as so many of us use your rigs for SOTA.

You will find ATS-3B’s and PFR-3’s used on many summits. I have the latter and have used it to work into W3 from my local SOTA summit here in the UK.

Good luck and hope to hear you on Saturday

73 Marc G0AZS

Hi Steve,

Welcome to SOTA, I hope to work you summit to summit this Saturday. Me and my Dad M1EYP activating Boulsworth Hill G/SP-008 while NA SOTA event is on. We will be operating 20m SSB to the NA SOTA stations and I’ll be operating 2m FM as well and my Dad will 20m CW as well.

Good luck with your first ever SOTA activation and I hope you’ll other activations as well in W1 in the future as W1 is a very rare SOTA association.

Jimmy M3EYP

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Welcome Steve, i hope to work you S2S Saturday, its good see SOTA activity building up across the pond. Sean M0GIA

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HI Steve,
I hope we’ll manage a summit to summit this weekend. Can I swap your forecast for mine ?? 70% chance of rain !
I’m not sure about the White Mountains, but in the Adirondacks it’s still hunting season … so wear something nice and bright !


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Welcome aboard Steve. An honor to have you on the air saturday. Got lot of fun with the yellow box.

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Welcome to the gang Steve!

Don’t forget to make an alert ahead of time on the sotawatch alert page so folks know to look for you:

And be careful, they use the world standard format, day/month/year, not the US standard, month/day/year …its easy to miss.

73 & hope to work you…check out my alert for W1/HH-001

Tom, N2YTF
P.S. if you have access info for the summit, like sources of trailmaps and such could you please add those to the summit page with the add link add article links? Thanks!

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Hi Steve,

Welcome to SOTA! If you go for CW I will be looking for you. I am using a PFR-3 and wire dipole on a telescoping mast.

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

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Hi Steve,

temps in the mid 40’s F (7-8C) A little too chilly for CW, but will
likely take a back up CW rig along.

Really nice to see you here and good luck for your activation. Take care though since we need the ATS-4 :wink:

Just a comment. I seem to be able to do CW even at -10 C without wind. Main problem for me is my nose, which is tipping on the log book paper. If possible I want to test even lower temperatures during the coming Christmas time in OH.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

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Jaako, you should watch this: - YouTube


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Now thats cold! Were those pads you put over the top of your toes heaters? Far braver than me. Sean M0GIA

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Yes they were. Honestly, I was operating cycles of 30 minutes ouside, then got inside for 20 minutes to warm myself :wink: Then back outside and so on…