New summits to work, perhaps?

I’m not sure if “Rules” is the correct section for this, but here goes.

With the news, announced today, that talks are starting, regarding the future of the divided island of Cyprus, I wonder if we might eventually see a new SOTA association formed?

I’ve never visited the island, but I gather that it is rather mountainous in many parts.

If the Northern part is recognised by the international community, perhaps we can work all of the island, or gain another prefix, perhaps?


The divided island as been on going thing for LOOONNNG time.
But may be final resolved and yes be good to add to the Sota logs also

karl 73s

Divided in 1974 I think, but lots of trouble before that.

As it happens, I’m off there on Wednesday for two weeks. Obviously won’t be on a valid summit, but amongst other things - bands permitting - will be trying some WWFF. (No WAB Squares out there either). :frowning:

Please look for our party, we’ll be, in callsign order:


or better still:


73, Dave, G4IAR

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It’s not a big deal but thanks for considering the best place. Associations is the better category and I’ll move it over.

With our present facilities a few hours work will identify all the candidate summits on the island, it can be a much longer job to assign names to the summits thus discovered if good maps are difficult to find. The real problem, as with so many other candidate countries, is finding someone with local knowledge to take on the role of AM. Given a resolution of the political situation, and a suitable AM coming forward, an Association could be up and running in a few months.

It certainly is. The highest summit is Mount Olympus at 1952 metres.


There is, as I recall, a team working on Cyprus. I did an analysis - found lots of summits. Nothing heard back in a while though.

Only a minority of the summits are in the Turkish-controlled part, mostly in a band near the northern coast.

Olympus certainly is the high point Brian, we were in Cyprus in the early '60s and I worked on the RAF Radio Relay system (HM300) and spent some time up there as NCO IC the relay station. also had many call outs usually at 2 am while living in Limassol down on the coast. Only one poor road in those days, lots of fun and the population was in turmoil a lot of the time. All changed now I am told with good roads and enough rock has been put on the very close neighbouring top so tourists can get to the highest point. The Radar site is still there. RR only had a small tower in the old days and even I with vertigo could climb it and be the highest man in Cyprus.
Happy days

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That fine, Andy