New SS - F5NEP

Congratulations to Lionel F5NEP - France’s second SS.

73 and thanks for the contacts.


PS I see that a few more have made it recently including Dieter DL7VKD - another 40m regular. Well done!

In reply to G3CWI:

Also my congratulations to F5NEP , DL7VKD es the other chasers.Many new regular Chasers on the bands.Also my congrats to LY2FE who reached shack-slot. I don´t want forget them because he works most time QRP with 200m LW-ant,and he is one of the regular chasers in my log since a few months.
Tmrw and next times i will be qrv on the higher bands too.When will i have the first overseas in my log ? :wink: Hope the short antenna ( up / outer 2 x 7m )is working also on 40m !

greetings from the black-forest…Klaus

In reply to G3CWI:thanks dear friends, but they are a serious “client” with f8bbl hunter recently and with already a beautiful score!!!
thanks for all the activators for beautifuls activations!
73’s and good contacts today with new french activators
f5nep Lionel