New Sota User

Couple of questions from a new user! First can someone run me though the activation process??

And Two there are many more Summits and Peaks in my area but they arent listed on the site? How Can they be added??

Any info is much appreciated if anyone has a HOWTO Guide hook me up… Plan on Activating all the Summits Listed in my area in the coming months.

South West Wyoming Ham

In reply to KF7ELU:

Hi, Clayton, welcome to SOTA.

I think the answers to your questions will be found if you click on the link to the SOTA website at the top of the page, if that leaves any questions then please contact me by the link on the website.

Unlisted summits can be added if they are found to qualify under the prominence rule. If you find summits in your area that seem to qualify then you should pass on the information to the AM for the W7 Association, who will verify the information and add the summits at the next revision.


Brian G8ADD